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Mike O'Handley

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Your Inspector Inc.

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Mike O'Handley is President of Your Inspector Inc., in Kenmore, WA and has been inspecting homes since April 1996. Though Mike is an independent inspector and not affiliated with any of the major home inspection organizations, he does all of his inspections in strict compliance with the ASHI and the NAHI standards of practice. As soon as the state of Washington make it's new [url="http://www.dol.wa.gov/business/homeinspectors/wac308-408c.pdf"]state-specific standards of practice official[/url], Mike will inspect only to those.

Mike is the Editor of The Inspector's Journal (TIJ)(http://www.inspectorsjournal.com), a webzine for home inspectors, and is well known within the home inspection profession for his insistance that home inspectors need to raise the bar within the profession.

Mike grew up working for his father, a custom builder, and at the age of 23 went into the military where he spent nearly 21 years as a military policeman and criminal investigator. When he left the military, he took the only things that he knew how to do - construction and investigations - combined them, and opened his own home inspection practice.

Mike's dream is to found the first college in North America dedicated exclusively to the education of home inspectors and building science professionals.

Mike O'Handley Expertise

Mike is a nationally-known building science subject matter expert who moderates the Building Science Forum at the journal of Light Construction Online (http://www.jlconline.com/).

Mike is a founding member of the Washington Home Inspector's Legislative Advisory Group (WHILAG), a coalition of inspectors that came together in Washington to bring about sensible licensing of home inspectors. 

Mike is a member of the new Washington State Home Inspectors' Advisory Licensing Board and is Chairman of the Changing Business Practices sub-committee that authored the states new home inspectors standard of practice (SOP), code of ethics and the administrative rules governing home inspector contracts and record keeping requirements. He also serves on the Education sub-committee that's developed the approved curriculum that all home inspector schools in the state must use when providing training to prospective home inspectors.  

Mike is an Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (E.I.F.S.) specialist trained by the Northwest Wall and Ceiling Bureau (NWCB) to conduct invasive inspection and diagnosis of EIFS issues.

Want to know some of Mike's positions and judge for yourself whether he knows what he's talking about? Just visit The Inspector's Journal and word search his user name - hausdok.  You'll learn more than you ever thought you would about any home inspector on the planet.

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