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3 C's of credit-Capacity, collateral, and character
Chris Rix (Rix Realty - Advantage Team Realtors)

When you want to borrow money, lenders will look at a number of things before agreeing to grant credit to you. First, lenders want to know if you have the financial ability to repay the loan. This is known as capacity. Second, lenders look for any property you have to back the loan-again, this is called collateral. And third, lenders want to know if you will make your payments and how you have handled other loans in the past. This is called character. Capacity, collateral, and character represent the three C's of credit.

The most common types of credit include revolving credit, installment credit, and service credit.

Revolving credit allows you to borrow up to a specific dollar amount. The monthly payment may vary as your balance changes. As you repay the credit, you will be able to borrow it again. Credit cards are revolving lines of credit.

Installment credit allows you to borrow a specific amount, for a specific period of time. The monthly payment usually remains the same. When you have repaid the amount, the loan is closed. Car and mortgage loans are considered installment credit.

Service credit allows you to pay for a service at a later date. If you cannot make the payment in the agreed upon time, there is a penalty. Utility companies offer this kind of credit.

   Most types of loans can be categorized as secured or unsecured. Secured loans are backed by property that has value, also called collateral. An example of a secured loan is a car loan, as the car is security or collateral for the loan. In other words, if you don't make the loan payments, the lender can take back or repossess the car.On the other hand, an unsecured loan does not have any property backing the loan. If you, for example, apply for a signature loan at a bank or credit union, this would be considered an unsecured loan. Many credit cards are unsecured; however, not all are. Some credit cards are known as secured credit cards. A secured credit card may be secured by your savings account or by the merchandise you purchase. If you don't make the payment, the lender can and will take the item you pledged as security. Before you sign any credit card agreement, make sure you read and understand all the fine print.

  To understand the role a lender plays in the credit-granting process, you might think about what you would want to know if someone wanted to borrow money from you. You certainly would want to know that they have a job and that they have the ability to pay you back. You would want to know how long they have been at their job and that they would make every effort to pay you back. Knowing whether the potential borrower had repaid their other loans on time and in full would also be important to you. Lenders are no different.Lenders are in business to lend you money-that's their job. They have federal and state government regulations, as well as company guidelines they have to follow.

  Some people think that lenders look for any reason not to give a loan, but this simply is not true. Lenders want to make loans, though they want to make them to people who will repay the loan. When you want to borrow money from a lender, you need to fill out the application completely and honestly. If you aren't sure how to answer a question on the application, call the lender and ask for help.When you meet with a loan officer, be helpful and polite. Answer their questions to the best of your ability. Again, put yourself in the position of the lender-if you were going to lend money to someone, you would expect to be treated politely, honestly, and with respect.If you are turned down for the loan, ask why. It doesn't do you any good to get upset with the loan officer. You may be turned down for any number of reasons. Ask the loan officer what actions you could take to qualify for the loan in the future. Just because one lender turns you down for a loan, however, doesn't mean another lender will do the same. If you are turned down at one financial institution, make an appointment to see a loan officer at another bank or credit union.

   The way you handle loans made to you will determine whether you have "good credit." What exactly does it mean to have good credit? You can achieve good credit by making all of your payments, as agreed, in full monthly payments. If you want good credit, you cannot skip payments or pay less than the full amount due. If you have made financial mistakes in the past, it's still possible to build good credit by committing to paying all of your bills on time and in full. Cheers and happy buying!


Closing Costs? Oh really? I think not!
Chris Rix (Rix Realty - Advantage Team Realtors)

So I had a little close, you know the kind where the seller is out of state and buyer closes separately. It wasn't enough that my seller was gracious enough to pick up the tab on some closing costs, but later to find that there was actually some closing costs dollars not quite exhausted from agreed amount. Well certainly no harm there for my seller! All is good to close, home inspection complete, agreed no home warranty provided by seller. However, at close, literally, and mind you it was a separate close..docs overnighted to seller, one of those last minute HUD's, the selling agent decides that since there were dollars left from the agreed closing cost/prepaid amount, it would be okay to add a home warranty AND have my seller pick up a portion of the inspectors fee!  Needless to say that did not fly with me. We had a new HUD drawn up, and a credit issued to my seller, and new docs overnighted. So, I would recommend that if you have one of those handy little seller to pay blah,blah,blah, it might be a good idea for your fiduciary responsibility to your seller to get a quote/GFE from their lender of what said fees are with that pre-qual letter. Just a thought! Happy selling.

Real Estate? Really? notable patios for spring in my areas
Chris Rix (Rix Realty - Advantage Team Realtors)

1. Back Porch Grill for sunset any day- food is good and consistent (best suset spot)

2. Central Park- Great downtown locale easy level access nice views, easy parking, great food(best restaurant in Hot Springs) If dining inside after dark you will definitely agree the tacky flood lights they use for lighting are quite blinding and offensive, the food, service, and everything else make up for it. I know my dinner tabs would consist of a bottle wine purchase as opposed to a glass if the lights were dimmer..and that goes for most that imbibe I'm sure!

3. Joses Mexican Food- great Margarita patio. It quickly replaced On the Border for me. Joses is clean as opposed to the latter..

4. Salsa's- Good patio, crappy service and food, GREAT Margarita's(possibly the best in town- Don Juans is over, please do not bother me with "let's go to Don Juans" anymore! We have awesome authentic Mexican food in HS now!

5. Arlington Lanai any day. Also ask for a pool cup and take a stroll up to the 7th floor pool deck-trust me! AND do not forget to ask for a pool cup when ordering your cocktail.

6. One of the neatest patios in all of Hot Springs is currently being hogged by an awful restaurant downtown called..hmm..I had to phone a friend!! Rolondo's- sigh Slip in, head straight to the back of the restaurant to see this awesome area, then humbly bow out and go seek food,drink & service elsewhere. I have actually tried to go 6 times, yes six---they just can't pull it together. It is too hit and miss(mostly miss)

7. Best Sunday patio- Fishermans Wharf- hangover cure or just great Sunday spot, It is always the same- You are greeted by some high school tinnybopper likely texting whom adequately greets you, tells you the patio might be too cold and then carries out your wishes of getting you to the patio! The service is usually prompt and the food most always goodish. The drinks are equally goodish. The staff always has all of their teeth and it is clean & family friendly. 

8. Brady Mountain Resort- Memorial day to Labor day, Lake Ouachita-truck stop waitresses, an occasional surprise to the norm, but rare. Country food that varies on quality since Ned Bass sold. Full bar-little wine-likely the same list I wrote 12 years ago when I worked for Glazer Distributors! HEY its lake Ouachita..its a holy spot!

9. Mountain Harbor-Im not even sure they have a patio, but when camping on an island in the middle of Ouachita, you need to know they have a breakfast buffet until 10:30!

10. Hamilton House is hands down the all time best spot in the state, but the new owner is CLUELESS when it comes to any form of restaurant operation, oh yeah, thats why the kitchen is closed and they just do room rentals in the bed & no breakfast! When the Smith's were to old to carry on their legacy of the Hamilton House it saddened me greatly. She was my restaurant inspiration, she just never realized it when I worked for her for a month or so years back. 

 LEAVING Hot Springs

11. Cafe Klaser.com Heber Springs- One of my favorite places in the state. Just go. Sit outside & just appreciate being. Get a chocolate truffle and a whole coconut creme pie to go. Stay a long time.

12. Pied Piper Eureka Springs- Its special. Fatima the owner is awesome. Her Dad owns Rogues Manor(i've never bothered) but Fatimas place is awesome. Last time I was there, she was on vacay and there was a for sale sign up, OPENED but for sale, I had a great time as always & her Reuben beats the hell out of Oaklawns any day.

13. Little Rock Cajun's Warf--back when she originally opened it in probably the 80's her slogan was "You don't need a yacht if you've got a big deck" She sold it to Landrys and later reconfiscated her great spot and reclaimed it as Cajuns Warf..2000-2001ish. She opened with a sassy billboard on Cantrell Rd. It had several shrimp lined up pointing to the restaurant and verbage "get your tails in here" I have met her once or twice. I love her.

14. Rev Room- It is an awesome hipster spot with all sorts of live music and probably one of the best bartenders in the state(besides me of course) He is short & beefy, blonde hair. Matt I think. A good bartender is RARE. The next one that comes to mind is in Dallas at the Melrose Hotel and her name is Kathleen.

Oh yeah, this is suppose to be a real estate site. I live it, breathe it, list it, sell it, and LOVE it. I am extremely busy. I have 30+ listings. I have done a lot of volume this year already. I'm thrilled. I hope this wave doesn't crash and if it does, I hope I land in sand. I practice very ethicly and appreciate your referrals. I now have a lot of references. Cheers my Real Estate brothers and sisters.

Spring Sales and lists
Chris Rix (Rix Realty - Advantage Team Realtors)

I started in November preparing for my clients whom wanted to sell in the Spring, because in our biz Spring is already here! I am working now to get all of my Lake listings in order because Lake Hamilton comes back to normal level next month. I have been showing a lot since just after Christmas. I have also been busy visiting my coming lists and discussing staging and what needs to happen with their homes to compete. If anyone is looking for a place for horses I have just the place, especially since Oaklawn is running! I hope everyone is feeling the market pick back up like we are. The lull was kind enough to remove some liabilities and part timers, what ever that is...:) Side note, TACO MAMMA next to Cafe 1217 on Malvern Avenue is nearing opening. The same lady, Chef Dianna, that owns 1217 is doing it. I have a sneak peek at the menu and its awesome. Also coming soon just up from there on Malvern will be a little Italian place that will be delicious. BIG NEWS: For you old timers whom know what I mean when I say Belle Arti, back when it was good...listen up!! Santo & Rasario are back. They have one more year no compete with RollyPolly who bought it from them 9 years ago and ruined it. So heres the scoop- they have their Hot Springs Locale secured until the no compete expires, in the meantime Vesuvio Bistro at Best Western Govenors Inn. 1501 Merrill Drive West Little Rock, 501-225-0500. Ask for Rosario, tell him I sent you. One of the best meals in Arkansas. Any way happy selling and here are the listings I have pickd up since the last time I blogged and I have 3 pending including my remodel I listed 11/7!!!www.72pizarro.com




115 Panda Historic Area 4/3101 Piney Loop34 Malaga~~Lake Segovia/Dsoto Golf Course

REALTOR license plates-Habitat for Humanity
Chris Rix (Rix Realty - Advantage Team Realtors)

Hello everyone, and I hope 2009 is off to a good start. Our market has definitely picked up. The phones are ringing, properties are being shown, and contracts are moving to pending status. We have had an unusually large drawdown on Lake Hamilton this year and surpriseingly even our lake properties are already getting attention.... So I had to go renew my tags and have always wanted to get the REALTOR plate, but the hassle of the extra paper work? Sigh! This year it was super easy because they have them at certain revenue offices now. I asked how it worked and if I could use my initials, she said they were pre-printed and it wasn't an option, but shockingly she let me choose thru the stack of 20 or so..I think well maybe I'll get lucky and get some random designation, instead I end up with the most commonly taught phrase in all CE classes. The entire reason we disclose,disclose,disclose. I was so happy. It was even better than my initials. The proceeds for this plate in Arkansas go 100% to Habitat for Humanity. So I did something good and have quite a humorous reminder to all in our profession. Happy selling!

Habitat for Humanity REALTOR tag

Dinner Plans?
Chris Rix (Rix Realty - Advantage Team Realtors)

This is what I am fixing for dinner tomorrow on beautiful Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs Arkansas. Cheers!

Course One

Blueberry Stilton, French Camembert, Kavli Norwegian Crispbread & Sesame thins with cuts of sun-dried tomato

                                         Korbel Blanc de Noir from Geurneville                                                         Course Two

Spinach, fresh sprouts, walnuts, julienne radish, carrot stars, purple cabbage chards, Hearts of Palm, walnut pieces & Caper Berries, drizzled Lemon, Tarragon, Herbes de Provence, Rice & Balsamic Vinaigrette and Indian Papadam.

Course Three

Red wine braised, sun-dried tomato and garlic whole roasted Beef Tenderloin sauced with fire roasted red pepper & shiitake Beurre Rouge, green beans with Asian Japones, pearl onions, & black sesame seeds and white pepper sprinkled, bleu cheese smashed cauliflower- side of white Truffle oil roasted elephant garlic and sea salted lavosh.     

7 Deadly Zins Red Zinfandel from Lodi

                                                Course Four

Pot du Crème Au Chocolate with a Vanilla Bean Cream Anglaise, red Driscolls and a hazelnut Pirouette

                             Sandeman Founders Reserve Porto

Tarragon Chicken Salad
Chris Rix (Rix Realty - Advantage Team Realtors)

 Season and Roast 5 large chicken breast (my seasoning is secret!)

Allow to cool.

Trim any fat away and dice remaining chicken

In a mixing bowl combine fresh minced Tarragon 1/4 cup

1 cup mayo

salt and pepper to taste ( I use white pepper )

Pecans or Walnuts are great in this as well (use as many as you want)

I like celery in mine. 2 stalks diced loosely, some people like grapes.

The fun thing is you can form it into a Christmas tree for that party you are supposed to bring something to.

Use black sesame seeds to decorate, and dried cranberries for ornaments.


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