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Solving the Mystery of Marketing to Part Time Homeowners
Sheila Rasak (Keller Williams Realty-California Coast Property Group)

I've been blogging a lot lately in a concerted effort to help my entry to a coastal community with some strict CC&Rs. Two agents dominate the entire development and I think there's room for one more very qualified agent...ME!!!

I love this neighborhood that I call home and want to attract buyers here that can enjoy a walk across to the beach, tennis courts, some units with ocean views, so many units that have stunning upgrades and have become frustrated in not being able to door knock or drop important area information off to the owners.

Some people have suggest some great ideas and I'm taking under consideration a few of them, but in the meantime, Would it be terribly rude to find a list of owners who I may personally call to introduce myself to not only as a resident, but someone who can help them as part of a professional team with over 50+ full time agents at Prudential California Realty and all we offer. After all, Prudential did receive (once again) the JD Powers & Asssoc. number one in overall Seller satisfaction award for 2010!

As in a lot of areas in the nation, The Colony is now more affordable than ever and a lot of sellers have plenty of equity and are in a position to sell. Why not take advantage of those low rates?

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Great second home away from home or as primary residence! This community boasts a fully equipped gym, lap pool, racquetball courts, tennis courts, many spas, club house, and much much more!

Where's The Value?
Sheila Rasak (Keller Williams Realty-California Coast Property Group)

I must admit, some of the things my associates do in this industry leave me scratching my head and make me wonder who these people are working for.

This morning I took my workout routine outdoors as I knew a storm was on its way in and I wanted to make the most of living on the beach without getting wet! I love living at The Colony and all the amenities here, but can't help but notice when there's anything going on in my neighborhood that's industry related.

Quite a few of the residents here at The Colony use their property but once or twice a year and have decided to wait the market out before selling by leasing. As a courtesy, a wise agent always offers to place the property on the MLS as a free service to the owner and typically will help in negotiating and obtaining a guaranteed lease for the property owner.

This morning I noted three units available for lease with the same agent. I carry my Supra key and would have welcomed the opportunity to preview the unit before showing anyone who's interested in leasing in this beautiful community, however, not one unit had a keysafe.  This begs the question of not only where's the value, but who is this agent working for? My belief is that this appears to be all about sign domination and free advertising for the agent vs. actually helping the client lease their home. The longer the sign stays in the window, the longer the neighbors and prospective buyers have to jot down that listing agent's phone number allowing the agent to benefit.

Seriously, who's kidding who here?  This unit is located inside a gated community and there's no way of entrance unless the agent meets with the person(s) interested in leasing. (Fat chance this will happen unless the agent pays for marketing a rental.) I feel it's deceptive and terribly unfair to the homeowner who, more than likely, is out of state and doesn't realize what this agent's true motivation is and how much it's hurting the property owner.

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Does anyone else see this practice?

Seriously, What Would You Do?
Sheila Rasak (Keller Williams Realty-California Coast Property Group)

I'm in a position to deal with an unrealistic seller and their broker. There's a way over-priced listing that my buyer is interested in, but understands that the seller is living in La La Land at over $250,000 market value.

There are several ways to deal with this like head on into calling the listing broker and seeing why they would even come close to accepting such a fallacy and asking if their sellers are just grooving on having strangers come into their home to look. I know that sounds harsh, but so is the list price on a beautifully decorated condo at the beach.

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Heck, I could see adding MAYBE $25k above value for the view of the ocean that is observed only from the patio (no window views, you must go outside). And perhaps another $50k for interior improvements as long as the installation was within the last year. Think granite counters, distressed hardwood floors, upgrades galore.

So, tell me, how would you approach this in a market that continues to slide just a tad more each day?

Important questions that only a professional Realtor can answer...
Sheila Rasak (Keller Williams Realty-California Coast Property Group)

I've been in the business long enough to know what works and what doesn't...BUT find myself at a total loss when it comes to strict HOA rules relating to Realtor marketing and how to break through the proverbial glass ceiling.

Here's the dilemma, I've got a beautiful condomium complex located steps from the beach in Oxnard, CA. I want one of those listings so bad that I can taste it. Why? Because I live there! I know the values like the back of my hand, love living life there where the air is clean as well as the beaches. I enjoy all the area offers and would love to see other people enjoying this lifestyle.

Here are the basics...NO door knocking. Okay, I'm good with that one as I've always felt that rap rap rap on the door is intrusive. I have no problem greeting neighbors and telling them where I live and what I do if I see or meet someone in my community. Next rule, NO drop off solicitations...say "goodbye" to that notepad that can stay in their home approx. 30 days unless you're willing to pay the postage to the entire farm (I narrowed it down to 200) @ .86 cents a piece (not include cost of notepad) and you're looking at almost $200 each mailing. Forget door hangers or open house announcements that are dropped; again they must be mailed.

The obvious would be postcards...but then what? We all know the standard rule of thumb when it comes to getting ourselves into a geographical farm, first being face recognition and building trust that you're the best of the best with proven results. But this leads to: What piece of this puzzle am I missing? What else can I do? What do other Realtors do?

I would love to and would appreciate your thoughts on this...Let's open some doors!


Oxnard Realtor

TMI, Get to the Point, and Excuses are Like...
Sheila Rasak (Keller Williams Realty-California Coast Property Group)

Well you know the rest and I won't quote that one here. What I will tell you is that it gets really old dealing with listing agents who have a great property that's grossly overpriced. I mean like a property that at a maximum in this declining market that is possibly worth $550k and is listed at $774k and has been on the market over 420+ days.

I believe I've written about this property before, but I had the opportunity to preview it merely because I wanted to see the ocean view that seemed to bring its list price somewhat into reason. The only problem being is that there isn't a view from anywhere in the home. The view is from the outdoor patio. Nonetheless, the property was stunning on the interior! Upgraded, updated and simply stunning.

The viewing instructions on the subject property were "owner, keysafe, go direct" and that's exactly what I did only to wander aimlessly around the property to find the keysafe. I eventually gave up, called the Realtor, and she droned on and on about how she JUST left the property and had JUST missed her and that she was on her way up to Santa Barbara and that the owner was home, but I couldn't bring my clients in, but was welcome to walk around the unit to get a feel of it.  She went on and on about how she had to take the key safe off because of blah blah blah, but would be putting it back on as soon as she could, yada yada yada. All the while I'm standing there with Mr. & Mrs. Bored Buyer.

People, seriously here, last time I checked condos pretty much look the same from the outside. Am I really expected to tromp around the unit with my Buyer while the owner is inside? Couldn't this agent have said she'd call to see if it's okay to show considering the remarks are keysafe, go direct and the owner was home? AND wouldn't you think that after this length of time this professional might this this is an excellent opportunity to have the stale listing viewed?

A word of caution to Sellers, in this declining market, it not only is important to list your property at a reasonable price if you want it to sell, but allow it to be available to the public and other Realtors to view. And while we're on the subject, take careful consideration on how your Realtor represents you. Talk to them first before signing that listing agreement and find out how they service their listings.

FrustratedPrudential California RealtySheila A. Rasak, SFR - (805) 628-2898

Specializing in short sale and distressed properties along the coast of Ventura County. Cities covered include, Camarillo, Ventura, Oxnard, and Thousand Oaks, with an excellent referral network for other states and cities as well.



Undercover Agent...
Sheila Rasak (Keller Williams Realty-California Coast Property Group)

So this weekend we had stunning weather at the beach here in Oxnard, CA and I decided it was time to hit the streets, check out a few open houses, and check out the "competition" and how they sit open houses in an area that I live in.

This area is dominated by two agents who shall remain nameless as one is an Active Rain member, and the other, is the reason for my blogging this.

I walked into agent number 1's listing and was blown away by the model-like quality even though the property was built years ago. Almost every upgrade that we in the industry consider a plus had been featured and it was love at first sight. I wanted it for myself!

OpenHouseDrum roll please....Not only was it over-priced by a mere 250k, the listing agent sitting the open house was there with her husband who had just used the community pool, soaking wet, towel being used to dry his hair and the agent's mom sitting right across from her on a visit. This property had been on the market for well over 450 days and counting.

When I entered the property the agent didn't introduce herself, didn't get up from her seat, didn't ask me to sign in as a guest, and  pretty much gave me a nod to"have at it", in other words, tour it myself. There was a pre-printed information sheet for me to leave with, in black and white.  The whole experience left me begging the question "Who's mentoring these people or are they so established that they think they can kick back now and not service their listings?" Do we no longer have a fiduciary duty to our sellers to work tirelessly on their behalf to procure buyers when we list their homes?

Look, I'll be the first to admit I can be opinionated, but over-priced or not, this agent agreed to take the listing. I sincerely believe that it's their responsibility to their seller to market and treat this listing like all others...or maybe this is merely her MO.

Really, What is Your Buyer's "Must Have"...
Sheila Rasak (Keller Williams Realty-California Coast Property Group)

If you click this link from February of this year, you'll see what tends to be on the list of the "must haves" in buyer choices when selecting a home.;_ylt=AhdKsJzXvGz9U4lFWkQ0Y8Vfo9IF;_ylu=X3oDMTE1NXZodTExBHBvcwM4BHNlYwNyZV9zZWN0aW9uBHNsawMxMG11c3QtaGF2ZWY-?mod=realestate-homeimprove

If you were purchasing a home in Camarillo, Oxnard, or Ventura, California...what would be the single most "must have"?

For me it would be the updated kitchen....then, pocketbook willing, I'd have a killer ocean view!

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