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Ventura Real Estate in Highlands Ranch
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Ventura Homes for Sale in Highlands Ranch

 Ventura Highlands Ranch

What Makes People Choose Ventura?

Ventura in Highlands Ranch provides residents with an excellent access point to routes that commuters commonly use to quickly get to points around Denver. There are many shopping, entertainment and restaurant options nearby that are filled with activity. Most homes in Ventura were built between 1986 and 1989 and are well maintained, many backing to open spaces.

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What's There To Do In Ventura?

Ventura is a part of the Highlands Ranch community and takes part in all the local activities. Four recreation centers are open to residents oand provide community education, workout facilities, pools and sporting venues.

Where Do I Find Ventura?Ventura Realtor

Ventura is located near the intersection of Univerity Blvd and Quebec. Just to the north of Highland Heritage Regional Park.

What Are The Ventura Schools Like?

Ventura is a part of the Douglas County School District, winner of several national awards. The schools in this district include Fox Creek Elementary, Cresthill Middle and Highlands Ranch High School.

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The Highlands Ranch Real Estate Market is changing every day and Ventura is a big part of it. Should you think of any questions on Highlands Ranch Real Estate or the Ventura neighborhood pick up that phone and call us! There is no time like the present to get the information you need from your local Ventura Realtor.

Ventura Home Buyers Can Get Low and No Down Payment Financing

Several financing options are available for home buyer looking for homes in the Ventura neighborhood and the Highlands Ranch Real Estate market including may Low and No Down Payment Loans. Call us now to get your No-Hassle Financing Pre-Approved for a great Conventional, FHA or VA Zero Down Loan!

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Homes for Sale in Ventura of Highlands Ranch
Bruce Swedal, Denver Real Estate

Homes for Sale in Ventura of Highlands Ranch

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Why Do People Choose Ventura?

Highlands Ranch Home Buyers choose Ventura easy access to commuter routes. Residents find a quick route to C-470 via Quebec Street and a variety of shopping, dining and entertainment options nearby.

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What's the Ventura Neighborhood Like?

Ventura was one of the first neighborhoods built during Highlands Ranch expansion with homes being built between 1986 and 1989. Homes in this community are well kept, offer mid sized yards and many of them back to open spaces.

What's Going on Near Ventura?

Ventura Realtor

As part of Highlands Ranch, Ventura offers a wide variety of community events that residents can enjoy each and every year. Other amenities include access to all four of the recreational centers Northridge, Southridge, Eastridge and Westridge with their sporting venues, community education classes, workout facilities and pools.

What Schools Do Ventura Kids Attend?

Highlands Ranch is a part of the award winning Douglas County School District which includes Fox Creek Elementary, Cresthill Middle and Highlands Ranch High Schools.

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Getting access to all of the Hottest Ventura Homes for Sale in Highlands Ranch is a simple matter. Our list of for sale properties is updated real time to give you first access to the hottest homes in Highlands Ranch.

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Affordable Low and No Down Payment Options for Ventura Home Buyers

Homes that are located in the Ventura neighborhood qualify for several financing options allowing home buyers to purchase with low and no down payment loans if desired. Contact us to get Free Mortgage Pre-Approval today for a Conventional, FHA or VA Zero Down Loan.

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Ventura RE Trends: Buy and Hold Investors
Randy Russo (Your Castle Real Estate)

Loan Considerations for Buy and Hold Investors

As far as investment loans, little or no money down loans are impossible.  However, lenders do permit the use of Home Equity Lines of Credit or second mortgages from other properties owned by the borrower as a source of down payment.  Or, self-employed borrowers are using funds from business lines of credit to fund down payments or renovations (please note: there are asset seasoning guidelines for doing so and the debt incurred by accessing other credit lines must be accounted for against the borrower’s debt-to-income ratio). Thus, we have clients leveraging themselves with other homes they own in order to get in with little or nothing down. 
There are exceptions, but practically every lender requires Full Income Documentation on any investment purchase.  Full Documentation requires the proof of income through W2s, pay stubs and/or tax returns, as well as proving liquid assets with bank statements.  The max LTV is 85% on a non-owner single family property (75% for a 3 - 4 unit); however, most homes are being affected with the ‘declining market’ tag.  As such, the maximum loan permitted would be 80% of the purchase price.  This is due to mortgage insurance companies refusing to provide MI on investment properties in declining markets.  Also, if an investor does not have landlord experience in the past two years, new rules will now not allow any rental income to be included as monthly income.  Hence, the buyer would need to qualify with the entire payment going against his/her debt-to-income ratio.
Another point to keep in mind is that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are only permitting a maximum of 4 financed properties on a borrower’s credit report.  Hence, if a borrower is looking to purchase or refinance a fifth home and already have four loans on their credit, they will face a tremendous challenge in securing financing.  This latter rule only affects someone purchasing or refinancing an investment property/second home and NOT an owner occupied purchase.
All this being said, if an investor can put down 20% (or borrow a good chunk of that 20% from other homes they own or lines of credit), is Full Doc, with a 680+ credit score and DTI below 50%, rates are in the upper 6% range on 30yr fixed mortgages with no prepay penalties.  With home prices bottoming up in most neighborhoods, coupled with a bullish rental market with increasing rents and low vacancy, investors can easily generate hundreds of dollars of cash flow per month.  In fact, many investors choose 15 year fixed mortgages to pay off the loan quickly, yet still cash flow tremendously.

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Ventura RE Trends: Fix & Flips
Randy Russo (Your Castle Real Estate)

Loan Considerations for Fix & Flip / Short-Term Investors

Securing conventional financing on a fix & flip or short-term loan is not recommended.  Most conventional lenders sell off their mortgages to investors on the secondary market.  If the loan is paid off early (before six payments are made), the investor has not recovered their initial investment.  The investor will attempt to recover their loss from the lender, who will ultimately come after the loan originator.  The loan originator would then be obligated to pay back any premium paid out by the lender.  If such activity becomes habitual with the loan officer, the lender can cease doing business with them and their firm.

Furthermore, conventional loans require conventional appraisals.  The lender will require that the home is a) habitable in its present state b) in at least ‘average’ condition and c) not in need of any repairs greater than 2% of the purchase price.  All three points can be challenging to overcome for investments properties, especially bank owned homes.  Consequently, many investors use private money, hard money, home equity lines of credit, cash or specialty investment lenders to avoid failing a conventional appraisal.   All of the aforementioned sources of funds can be worthwhile to pursue, but they are meant for short-term loans.  Hence, the borrower needs to have a clear exit strategy(ies) to avoid costly extension fees and holding costs.  Such loans carry higher interest rates and up-front fees due to their considerable risk.  They can be a great route to pursue; however, the investor better be prepared in case the home is not able to sell. 

Fix & flip investors should also be cognizant of title seasoning issues.  FHA guidelines require that a seller be on title for 90 days before a buyer can purchase the home with an FHA loan.  Most flips take longer than 90 days to renovate, market and actually close.   But, some deals need limited work and can be turned around quickly.  Ultimately, you will want to verify that the new buyer’s lender understands the title guidelines of the lender being used.  Furthermore, a flip investor is going to list the remodeled home for significantly higher than what they had paid for it.  The lender providing financing to the buyer purchasing the renovated home will scrutinize the new appraisal to ensure the value is justified.  Lenders got burned in the past on property flipping schemes and are wary of substantial value increases in short periods of time.

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Ventura Real Estate Trends: Jumbo Loans
Randy Russo (Your Castle Real Estate)

Loan Considerations for Jumbo Mortgages

For the Greater Metro Denver area, any loan amount greater than $417,000 is considered a jumbo loan.  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac assign different thresholds for various regions across the country.  For instance, $417,000 is not considered a jumbo loan in a high cost city like San Francisco, yet there will still be higher rates for going above $417K. 

Due to the size of jumbo loans, they are considered greater risk for lenders, resulting in higher rates.  Rates have fluctuated greatly over the past few years on jumbos.  As of today, a 30 year fixed could range from 7% - 8%; a full point higher than the prime rate below a loan amount of $417,000.  Five year ARMs are popular on jumbo loans, as they typically price out a half point lower than fixed products. 

Frequently, a borrower will need to put more money down on a jumbo loan to mitigate the risk.  Investors that purchase mortgages are still skeptical of the lending industry, especially higher risk loans, which is why we haven’t been witnessing attractive jumbo rates of late.

To limit the impact on the monthly payment and secure a better rate, many borrowers will take out a first mortgage of $417,000 and then try to find a second mortgage to cover the balance.  For example, assume a buyer is purchasing a home for $600,000 and they are able to put 20% down.  Instead of taking out one loan at 80% = $480,000, it will likely make sense to split the loan into a $417,000 first mortgage and $63,000 second mortgage.  Since the combined loan-to-value is 80%, finding a second mortgage lender should be relatively simple.  While the rate on the second will be higher than the first, the blended rate will be significantly lower than the jumbo loan option, resulting in a few hundred dollar savings per month.

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Venture Real Estate Trends: Medium Loans
Randy Russo (Your Castle Real Estate)

Loan Considerations for Loan Amounts Between $200K - $417K

With all the doom and gloom publications that are mostly exaggerated, many potential borrowers believe that home mortgage lending options have dried up.  While underwriters and investors are scrutinizing files more closely, attractive rates and terms still exist for owner occupied purchasers seeking a conforming loan limit (under $417,000).  FHA and VA can still lend up to 100% LTV and conventional permits up to 97% LTV.  There are certain guidelines to meet when going to these high LTVs, but they are not impossible to surmount.

Every home buyer should first ask themselves what payment they feel comfortable in committing to on a monthly basis.  Too many buyers over-extended themselves in recent years on homes they simply could not afford, but qualified for on loose lending guidelines.   Just because you can qualify for a certain loan amount does not mean that it’s the best decision for you. 

Once the comfortable payment has been established, you can back solve for what loan amount will yield an amount close to that payment and search for homes in that price range.  You will need to take the amount of down payment into consideration, as well as whether a 30 year, 20 year or 15 year fixed option is best.  While adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) are blamed for much of the current lending turmoil, a sophisticated borrower can determine if an ARM product makes more sense for their situation.

As of today, 30 year fixed rates are hovering right around 6% with no prepayment penalties.  But, it is important to keep in mind that if less than a 20% down payment is made on a home, there will be mortgage insurance.  Mortgage insurance protects lenders in case of default.  Loans above 80% LTV are considered greater risk, thus, carry mortgage insurance.  Borrowers can pay mortgage insurance separately per month or it can be built into the rate.  Mortgage insurance premiums will vary based on the LTV.  In recent years, second mortgages were popular to avoid mortgage insurance.  However, they are tougher to secure in this environment in light of the volume of second mortgage lenders that lost millions of dollars in defaulted loans.  Since they were in second lien position, their priority in being repaid was subordinate to first lien holders.  When homes were foreclosed upon, the second lien holders were typically paid back nothing.

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Venture Real Estate Trends: FHA Loans
Randy Russo (Your Castle Real Estate)

FHA First-Time Buyer Tax Credit

In an effort to boost the sagging real estate market and overall economy, first-time home buyers are being offered a limited time tax credit when purchasing a primary residence. 
The highlights of the tax credit are:
•    The tax credit is available for first-time home buyers only.
•    The maximum credit amount is $7,500.
•    The credit is available for homes purchased on or after April 9, 2008 and before
July 1, 2009.
•    Single taxpayers with incomes up to $75,000 and married couples with incomes up to $150,000 qualify for the full tax credit.
•    The tax credit works like an interest-free loan and must be repaid over a 15-year period.

Due to the volume of questions that can be generated with the above, I would recommend clicking on the below link for answers to frequently asked questions:

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