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Last Activity 04/14/14 10:14 AM

Real Estate Q. What are the restrictions (or are there any) on reprinting some of the great tips I find? I'd like to include some on my web site and I would give credit to the author but do I have to name the company she or he works for??

4 Answer(s)

Last Activity 04/14/14 10:11 AM

Real Estate Q. TURN KEY FURNISHED MEANS? Does it mean everything on the walls as well? Everything in the garage? And how about the kitchenware and pots and pans?

2 Answer(s)

Last Activity 04/09/14 01:06 PM

Real Estate Q. My parents, my husband and I are looking to purchase a home in Florida to use on occasion and rent out for the weeks we are not there. What special considerations must be made when doing something like this?

4 Answer(s)

Last Activity 04/01/14 01:10 PM

Real Estate Q. how do I add a MLS listing with photo's to activerain blog?

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 03/16/14 06:12 AM

Real Estate Q. Has anyone used Hoss Pratt's fuel lead system?

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 03/15/14 08:14 AM

Real Estate Q. I have answered several surveys sent to me but never seem to get the promised points. Am I doing something incorrectly? I always put my user name as asked.

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 03/07/14 01:39 PM

Real Estate Q. the link for my website is not working.

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 03/05/14 05:45 PM

Real Estate Q. What elements constitute a worthwhile continuing education class (besides earning required credit hours)?

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 02/23/14 11:31 AM

Real Estate Q. what is, and how do you set up a referral request?

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 01/30/14 01:47 PM

Real Estate Q. Does anyone have any Sailboat Bend townhouse listings coming up?

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 01/29/14 06:03 AM

Real Estate Q. If I post a blog on AR and I post the same blog on my "outside blog" given to me by active rain, will google give me a positive ranking for it or will the video ranking go down due to plagiarism or for some other odd reason? What is the best practice for multiple posts?

2 Answer(s)

Last Activity 01/25/14 11:30 AM

Real Estate Q. I currently have an iphone 4S. Thinking of getting an ipad to take with me for listing presentations instead of my laptop that is getting older. Q: Should I get an ipad or a tablet? Should I change my phone to an Android or Samsung if I get a tablet? What is the best tool overall but especially for Realtors.

2 Answer(s)

Last Activity 01/08/14 09:41 PM

Real Estate Q. Deciding on a WordPress as my newer website, thoughts on a particular company and why? thanks !

2 Answer(s)

Last Activity 01/03/14 11:25 AM

Real Estate Q. I would to know if anyone has dealt with ReoProCorp and what their experience was.

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 12/27/13 07:19 PM

Real Estate Q. I have recently started using Dotloop. I was wondering how many of you are using it and have you had any problems with it. Also have you had any problems with your customers getting connected and signing the paper work and getting it back to you?

3 Answer(s)

Last Activity 12/27/13 11:58 AM

Real Estate Q. Hi,are Craigslist for sale by broker adds still free ?

2 Answer(s)

Last Activity 12/23/13 07:23 PM

Real Estate Q. What is the best place to post ads to hire an experienced licensed real estate assistant on the ground i.e. not virtual ? Any help for the most effective job sites would be apprecaited

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 12/23/13 05:03 PM

Real Estate Q. Best back office software for a medium sized brokerage?

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 12/17/13 12:34 PM

Real Estate Q. I did not renew my license when it was due. do I need to replete RE school again t become icensed again?

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 12/13/13 11:11 PM

Real Estate Q. Do you have a statistic for what % of foreigners own a 2nd home in SoFla?

3 Answer(s)

Last Activity 12/10/13 12:48 PM

Real Estate Q. Hi, as a new Florida agent wanting to specialize in REO while making frequent cash-flow doing BPOs, how do i get started and how can i get my profile visible to asset managers in banks. Would Tim and Julie Harris, REOListing.com, or reodirectory.com or www.reosearchdirectory.com help? thanks! John

4 Answer(s)

Last Activity 12/07/13 06:05 PM

Real Estate Q. Which is a better system Top Producer 8i, Leading Agent CRM Cloud Based or any other suggestions....

3 Answer(s)

Last Activity 12/05/13 03:23 AM

Real Estate Q. We sold our house, but had to rent it back for a few days before we could move out. We closed on the house on a Thursday, but the money was not wired until Monday. We moved out two days later on Wednesday. I understood that they take possession when the money is wired and not before. They say we owe rent from Friday, day after closing, to Wednesday. I say we only owe Monday, Tues. and Wed. Who is right?

5 Answer(s)

Last Activity 12/03/13 03:19 AM

Real Estate Q. i need at lease a 2br house for sale under $1000.00

2 Answer(s)

Last Activity 11/28/13 03:33 AM

Real Estate Q. Are Real Estate Agents in Florida legally required to be a member of local or National realestate associations

9 Answer(s)

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