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By Aja Shroll
(United Real Estate)
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I am from a very small town in Southeast Kansas named Parsons.  The population is roughly 10,000 these days.  It's seen better days when the Katy Railroad was a major employer and long before I was born there was a Coca-Cola factory that employed many before it burned.   These days, the town see...
By Caroline Huising
Comments 2
.style1 {color: #FF0000} Price: $139,900 FIZBER.com ID 9470274 Single Family with 3 bed, 3.0 bath, in 18027 Ness Rd Parsons, KS, 67357 http://www.fizber.com/9470274/ 18027 Ness Rd - For Sale By Owner Property Details: Type: Single Family Address: 18027 Ness Rd, Parsons, KS, 67357 Sq footage: 250...

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