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Credit Score Knowledge Ease Getting a Loan
Roberto Gonzalez, Roberto Gonzalez (RG Realty Inc)

 getting a loanWhether Hagerstown residents are looking for a home equity line of credit, a refi, or a new mortgage, when it comes to getting a loan, everyone knows that it’s the credit score that ultimately determines the outcome. Yet when it comes to a working knowledge of what major factors affect your score, a new survey shows that many of us are less certain than we should be. The Consumer Federation of America is a nonprofit outfit that from time to time releases reports designed to improve that situation. Their latest is a sort of report card on how much average adults understand about credit scoring —  the key factor in getting a loan of any kind. On the plus side of the report card, CFA says that people who have obtained one or more of their own credit scores within the past year are significantly better-informed than those who have not. No surprise there. Those people tend to know that there are three large credit bureaus (although how anyone who watches TV doesn’t already know that is a mystery to me). On the minus side, more men than women misunderstand how age and marital status affect their credit scores (those factors have no effect). Men, on the other hand, “are more skeptical than women  about the value of credit repair agencies.” CFA doesn’t go into why that is, but I’d like to think that it’s because they understand that a more straightforward way to repair your credit is to pay all bills on time. Sandwiched in among the charts and graphs are various bits of good advice for any Hagerstown resident getting a loan. A few bear repeating:

  1. Avoid maxing out credit cards; try not to even get close
  2. Pay down debt instead of just moving it from account to account
  3. Keep track of your credit from time to time, even if you’re not planning on getting a loan right away

If you are planning to become a Hagerstown buyer or seller in the near future, I’m here to help you make the most it. Call me anytime.

Local Mortgage Rates and the Summer Connection
Roberto Gonzalez, Roberto Gonzalez (RG Realty Inc)


Local Mortgage Rates and the Summer Connection 

After such a long time remaining at the lowest levels anyone can remember, Hagerstown mortgage rates have been climbing out of the cellar. No one who was paying attention expected them to stay at the almost unbelievably low levels they’d held for more than a year, so that was anything but a surprise.

But for Hagerstown home shoppers and sellers, it is the future of mortgage rates that is most important. Because Washington County mortgage rates are the basis by which monthly payments are calculated, knowing what to expect in their movement would enable anyone to make the best decision about whether now is the time to buy or sell — or whether even a short delay might mean the same monthly outlay could buy more house.

Experience teaches that literally no one can accurately predict those rate movements, but I thought I’d look for some of the most current advice on the matter to see if they could supply any enlightenment. The answer (certainly more predictable than the rates) was…not really.

Last Friday, Mortgage News Daily had what you’d have to call the typical take. After headlining “Mortgage Rates Slightly Lower For Third Straight Day,” they admitted that the national rates, while under July 23rd lows, were reflecting “a detachment from the financial market data.”

In other words, the lower mortgage rates didn’t follow any rational reasoning that their correspondents could discover. Further explanation followed, but wasn’t much more helpful for making any predictions. “Quiet days and quiet weeks have a sort of inertia in that the higher and lower boundaries of rate movements are fairly well entrenched unless [blah blah blah]… which happens because of low volume and low participation.”

In other words: it’s August. Nothing (or anything) might happen when the financial traders are off on vacation. Another interpretation: if you’re intending to buy or sell a home in Hagerstown, the hope that waiting will yield improved Hagerstown mortgage rates is unlikely to give you much more than a 50-50 chance.

In other words, give me a call when you’re ready to buy or sell. That’s the right time!



hagerstown downtown restaurants
Roberto Gonzalez, Roberto Gonzalez (RG Realty Inc)


Restaurants in Downtown Hagerstown


Bulls & Bears

Presenting Downtown Hagerstown with a unique experience featuring American cuisine in a New York style atmosphere!

38 S Potomac St #1



Schmankerl Stube

Hagerstown’s Bavarian Restaurant carries on the Old Bavarian and German traditions in a truly ethnic atmosphere

58 S Potomac St



Rhubarb House

known for its casual atmosphere and pleasurable dining experiences. specialize in American-style classics

12 Public Sq 



The Gourmet Goat

The premise of the name begins with the Legend of how Coffee was first discovered.

41 North Potomac St.


Vince's Pizza Express

It's No Secret that Vince's Offers Great Pizza. For over two decades, Vince's New York Pizza has offered the best Italian dining in the Hagerstown, Maryland area

66 East Franklin St




113 South Potomac St. Hagerstown Md. office suites
Roberto Gonzalez, Roberto Gonzalez (RG Realty Inc)

Hagerstown Office Suites

The Potomac Hall is a signature Class A office building situated directly across the new Washington County’s new main library in Hagerstown, Maryland. The property offers an ideal location along the South Potomac St. with access to all of the Downtown Hagerstown City’s cultural amenities, services and Entertainment District.

As a tenant at Potomac Hall, you will enjoy superior service, The Potomac Hall is an ideal corporate location designed to deliver a corporate identity to for your business


The Potomac Hall Business Center has many options to suit any budget and any working style. Working in a dynamic network of professionals, Flexible to grow, downsize or relocate for business large or small we provide professional, cost effective office space, Furnished and fully equipped private offices, High Speed Internet Access, Phone equipment, maintenance and utilities



Furnished and fully equipped private offices, A private, shared or open-plan workspace ,Short or long term lease, High Speed Internet Access, Phone equipment and with voice mail, 24/7 Office Access via key-card during non-business hours


Hagerstown Luxury Home Listings & Springtime Romance
Roberto Gonzalez, Roberto Gonzalez (RG Realty Inc)

Ah, spring is truly in the air…the traditional time when people can fall in love at first sight! I’ll try not to dampen those springtime spirits too much, but for anyone currently looking into the Hagerstown luxury home listings, some advice may be in order: Online love at first sight is a really bad idea. Those Hagerstown luxury home listings can indeed be truly alluring, and using your computer (or iPad, or smartphone) to winnow through the current crop of terrific Washington County luxury home listings is a supremely practical approach. But do remember that any warm glow you experience after checking out a particularly fetching online tour is best held in check until after you have paid an in-person visit. Then the love affair is more likely to be the real thing. Especially when it comes to the luxury home listings, they have been created by talented professional staggers and photographers (not to mention musicians, when a video is part of the presentation). We work with them to create an immersive online experience, which is all to the good. The only drawback comes if we do such a good job that Hagerstown luxury home prospects fall head over heels. If reality can’t possibly match the romance of their mind’s eye abstraction, well…just ask a teenager’s parents about what the falling out of love experience is like! Until you have contacted me and we’ve made a real life, in-the-flesh house tour, what we are dealing with is — let’s face it — puppy love. Seasoned buyers know that stunning photos can’t begin to reveal all the details that make for ‘the real thing.’ Does the kitchen fit a family’s cooking style? Is that gorgeous landscaping a good setting for kids and pets? Is the neighborhood right for a particular family? If your own home belongs among our eye-catching Hagerstown luxury home listings, you probably also know that prospective buyers will be genuinely impressed when they visit in person. If that’s the case, I hope you’ll be contacting me soon for a complimentary consultation.

Property Management as a Cost-Effective Alternative
Roberto Gonzalez, Roberto Gonzalez (RG Realty Inc)

According to the latest from the U.S. Census Bureau, renters comprise about 35% of all households. That’s a pretty healthy portion of the nation’s population — and a pretty encouraging market-share statistic for investors considering Hagerstown properties capable of generating income to build long-term wealth. More than just an investment, the own-to-rent model is actually a simplified small business. It has a financing part, an accounting part, and (the time-consuming element): a management part. Effective management means dealing with labor (maintenance personnel), customers (the renters), and a Board of Directors (the ownership: in this case, you!). Not a surprise that many income property owners decide to make themselves the Board, and hire out the rest of property management. Some business truisms point to sound reasons for that decision: A Hagerstown income property should let you be in control of your investment — not become a time slave to it. Some properties seem to want to be tough bosses themselves — with needs to be addressed on an unpredictable timetable. By employing a company specializing in Hagerstown property management, you divert the 2 a.m. phone calls and headaches to them. Sleep tight! As with any business enterprise, identifying and limiting risk is smart planning. A management company will help you work through Fair Housing obligations as well as the legal requirements you need to address. Even small mistakes in this department can cost, so prudently and professionally limiting liability is just good business. Naturally, the major offsetting factor is cost. At somewhere in the neighborhood of 6%-12 of rental income, it is definitely an issue. Yet some veteran investors find that professional property management actually saves money in the long term. A reputable Washington County property management company may be able to spot ways to reduce operating costs and maximize rental amounts, as well as shorten costly down-times between tenants. If you are looking to purchase an income property in Washington County, it’s important to assess all aspects of the investment — and property management is one that’s well worth investigating. I’m happy to offer vetted local references for my clients anytime.

Weather, Pools Factor in Hagerstown Home Listings’ Value
Roberto Gonzalez, Roberto Gonzalez (RG Realty Inc)

Are you ready for summer? Who isn’t ready for summer? One group that’s clearly already there are this spring’s sellers: everyone whose home listings in Hagerstown are already racking up page views. For them and everyone contemplating taking advantage of the busy spring selling season, an interesting fact has come to light. It puts numbers on something that most of us feel intuitively. It was the Wall Street Journal that recently called attention to it. They uncovered a study from BYU showing that when home listings including swimming pools go into contract in the summer, their selling price is an average 0.22 percentage points higher than the baseline price for the rest of the year. This was a huge study that sampled more than four million housing transactions from 1998 to 2008 in 27 states. For a $500,000 home listing, that difference translates into a roughly $2,000 premium — just for selling a home when the thermometer’s popping! It does stand to reason: think of how inviting that cool blue water looks after a hot day of house hunting. Prospects have probably been driving from house to house in a car that’s had to have the AC cranked up. Then compare with January, when a look at a backyard swimming pool is more apt to summon up thoughts of trying to stabilize chlorine levels than of enjoying a plunge into chilly water. So how does this reflect on home listings in Hagerstown this spring? If you own a home with a pool and are putting off a decision to sell, the lesson seems to be that seasonal functionality is real — and working in your favor. The professors at BYU reported that, generally speaking, early spring is a good time to snag late summer buyers. I have to agree: when the weather is nice, my clients set a scene making it easy for potential buyers to picture themselves enjoying that pool. They bring out the deck chairs and the fluffy towels! Looking for Hagerstown home listing tips? I’m here to offer suggestions!

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