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Maine Govenor's Race - Les Otten "Throws The Hat In"
Sue Meservier (Meservier & Associates of The Maine Real Estate Network)
As reported by the Bethel Citizen last week, the above headline left me wondering why he was quitting the race. After reading the full story, the term "Throws The Hat In" actually meant that he was entering the race for Governor instead of quitting…
Out and About in the Sebago Lakes Region of Maine October 15 to 21
Jon Whitney (Anne Plummer and Associates)
October 15-18, 6-9 p. m. Haunted Schoolhouse, a good old fashioned haunted house, $12/adults, $10/students, not suitable for young children, a "safe room" with crafts and games is available for any youngster, Schoolhouse Arts Center, 16 Richville…
On Vacation in Maine? You're a Tea Party in Bethel, Maine
Jon Whitney (Anne Plummer and Associates)
You won't want to miss the 18th Biennial Tea Time in Bethel on Friday, June 26. The Cross Country Quilters will display their collection of antique and modern quilts in the 1816 New England Meeting House on Intervale Road from 10 a. m. till 4 p. m…
Bethel, Maine Summer Guide Ad
Michele Perejda (Keller Williams - The Dream Realty Team)
World's Tallest Snowman Is A Woman In Bethel Maine! 122 Feet Tall!
Andrew Mooers, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY)
As a kid in the Northeast, I remember building snow forts, digging elaborate tunnels and constructing snowman in the back yard with neighbor kids. The snowman we Maine kids built depended on the temperature, kind of snow and the size/…
Bethel, Maine, the Quintessential New England Village - An Autumn Snapshot
Michele Perejda (Keller Williams - The Dream Realty Team)
Bethel, Maine is nestled among beautiful ponds and lakes, the Mahoosuc range, and of course Sunday River. Some say, the Bethel Village is the quintessential New England town. Main Street offers a variety of shopping experiences, ranging from artisan…
Snowmaking and Sun Glowing at Sunday River! 11-11-08
Michele Perejda (Keller Williams - The Dream Realty Team)
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