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Last Activity 03/28/14 07:50 AM

Real Estate Q. how do I upload a video when it an embedded post?

2 Answer(s)

Last Activity 03/14/14 12:54 AM

Real Estate Q. Appraisal came in 20k below sales price. Appraisal omitted 1 bath, additional s.f., comps used were not true comps,etc. Did rebuttal but it was rejected. Buyer wants house and was shocked (as well agents/lender) appraisal was so low. Any thoughts... we could get this closed by Friday if we can remedy situation with Seller. (Price had already beren dropped 15k and is well below tax appraisal)

3 Answer(s)

Last Activity 10/04/13 01:44 PM

Real Estate Q. How do I change my user name

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 09/02/13 03:46 PM

Real Estate Q. I am looking for a HARD MONEY LENDERS who work in the Kansas City area. I am interested in short term as well as long term (More than one year) loans. Most loans under $100K. Loans will be secured by property. Properties include SFH and multi-unit.

3 Answer(s)

Last Activity 09/02/13 03:41 PM

Real Estate Q. I have been working on a loan modification with bank of America for almost 2 years I am 15 months behind they just denied me saying I don't make enough but I have just increased my income and they put my home in foreclosure I got incontact with the vp of bank of America and she said she would look into it for me. should I hire a lawyer to try to get a modification or should I file bankrupsy to save my honme

3 Answer(s)

Last Activity 08/21/13 04:56 PM

Real Estate Q. How do I retrieve my password?

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 06/26/13 08:08 AM

Real Estate Q. In Missouri when writing an offer to pretect the seller from buyers that default, is it mandatory to get ernest money from the buyer or called deposit to go to the seller if buyer defaults and what is the usual amount? thanks I have been in realestate in California and looking into the mo laws thanks Jack

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 05/13/13 01:49 PM

Real Estate Q. In Missouri, In a Short Sale, who is responsible for paying back real estate taxes & sewer bill.

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 05/13/13 01:22 PM

Real Estate Q. In MO, in shortsale who pays unpaid taxes & sewer bill

1 Answer(s)

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