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Pirate Bones?
Tara Bonner (Grande Villas)

This is such a neat article that I had to post it!  Enjoy!!

Edward Teach is Blackbeard the Pirate

Photo: Edward Teach, Blackbeard the Pirate

Pirate bones could be in that box, author says
State rejects request for DNA test on 18th-century remains from Bath

BY JERRY ALLEGOOD - Correspondent


WASHINGTON, N.C. -- A Raleigh author is attempting to reopen the 274-year-old estate of a Beaufort County man he thinks was once a member of Blackbeard's pirate crew -- and whose bones may be stored in a box in Raleigh.

Kevin P. Duffus, a writer and filmmaker, says he needs access to the estate of Edward Salter, a landowner and merchant who died in 1735, to help confirm that the state has Salter's remains. With the backing of some of Salter's descendants, Duffus is seeking to have DNA testing done on bones that the state Office of State Archaeology recovered from a gravesite in Bath 23 years ago.

If the bones are Salter's, not only could they be given a proper burial, Duffus says, but they could help prove that at least one of Blackbeard's pirates was not executed in Williamsburg, Va., as popular history says. Duffus contends that Salter was a barrel maker who was forced to join the pirate's crew after being hijacked aboard a ship.

But state officials opposed Duffus' petition to be named executor of Salter's estate, saying "mere speculation" about the identity of the remains does not justify reopening the estate. State officials said the state archaeologist is required by law to preserve human remains in state custody.

Last week, Martin Paramore, Beaufort County's Clerk of Court, sided with the state, dismissing Duffus' request. Paramore ruled that if the remains are those of Salter, then his next of kin have the authority over them.

Duffus says he will appeal. He says opening the estate and appointing an executor would help him and Salter's descendants press the state for the DNA testing needed to determine whether it indeed has his bones.

Brian Blount of Springfield, Mo., Salter's great-grandson times seven, and Blount's aunt, Joan Bass, testified at the hearing in support of Duffus' petition. Blount said the state had not responded to the family's efforts to identify the bones and have them properly buried.

Duffus said he and supporters want to work with the state and will establish a fund to pay for the DNA analysis, which he said would cost about $1,200.

State archaeologist Steve Claggett said the state tried to determine the identity of the remains after they were discovered at a waterfront site near Bath Creek. "There was considerable publicity at the time," Claggett said.

Claggett agrees that historical research indicates that the remains could be those of Salter, the landowner and merchant. The basic aim of DNA testing, he said, is to identify ancestors, and this would not shed any light on whether Salter was the pirate.

He said several samples of DNA would need to be tested for a proper analysis.

Claggett said the state did not have the money to do the testing on the remains, which he estimated would cost several thousand dollars.

The remains were discovered in a crypt along Bath Creek during construction of a bulkhead by a phosphate mining company. According to Duffus, Edward Salter owned the land when he died.

An anthropologist at Wake Forest University concluded that the remains belonged to a man of European heritage who had performed repetitive manual labor during his lifetime using his right arm and shoulder. Archaeologists also determined that the construction of the crypt was typical of early-18th century methods and materials.

Research by Duffus and others indicated that cooper Edward Salter first appeared in the records of Bath when he purchased two lots in the town in October 1721. Additional property deeds and records reflect Salter's success as a cooper, merchant and planter. Over the next decade he purchased more than 4,000 acres of land, including a plantation and house on the west bank of Bath Creek.

A pirates' captive

According to an official deposition held in the British Archives, a cooper named Edward Salter was forced into piracy aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge by Blackbeard on Dec. 5, 1717, near Puerto Rico. According to a warrant issued by George I, king of Great Britain, a common sailor named Edward Salter was among six men suspected of being members of Blackbeard's pirate crew and arrested in Bath in November 1718.

Traditional historical accounts have claimed that the men, along with nine wounded survivors of the fight between Lt. Robert Maynard of the British Royal Navy and Blackbeard at Ocracoke Inlet, were taken to Williamsburg for trial. Popular history has it that 13 of the 15 men, including Edward Salter, were convicted and executed.

However, there exists no official record that proves Edward Salter was executed. According to Duffus, three other names that appear in previously published historical accounts as having been hanged at Williamsburg also appear in Bath records following their reported executions: James Robins, John Martin and Joseph Brooks Jr.

Duffus described his contentions in a book published last year. He also claimed that Blackbeard was actually Edward Beard, the son of a Beaufort County landowner.

He said he and Salter's descendants hope to bury the remains.

"We don't believe he is at rest today," he said.



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Caribbean Pool Party
Tara Bonner (Grande Villas)

Grande Villas Caribbean Pool Party Logo

June 25th from 6-8pm
Party by the Pool at Grande Villas "Caribbean Style"

Think jerk fish & chicken and fruit salsa!
Enjoy the Caribbean food and atmosphere and while splashing in the Grande Villas Pool and enjoying the ocean breeze.

DJ Mack will spin the tunes and provide Karaoke,
so kick back, relax with your pineapple drink, and watch the "brave" try their skills at singing.

Guests are encouraged to bring their swimsuits to try out the pool, and bocce ball will be available out on the lawn.  Beverages compliments of GV.

RSVP to or (919) 609-7527

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UPDATED Spinnaker's Kids' Club Summer Activities
Tara Bonner (Grande Villas)

Grande Villas Spinnaker's Kids' Club Logo

Spinnaker's Kid's Club 2009 Schedule
Monday - Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Ages 5 to 12

9am - 10am:      Registration & Weekly Kids Club Welcome
                            Begin your Spinnaker’s Scrapbook-  “This is me”
10am - 11am:    Handprint Flowers Craft
                            Beach Walk  & Shell Hunt
11am - 12pm:    Soccer Skills & Freeze Tag
12pm - 1pm:      Lunch
1pm - 2pm:        Water Balloon Toss
                            Sand Memory Game
2pm – 3pm:       *Let’s Make Sea shell Critters!  ($4)
                             Sea Turtle 101

9am - 10am:      Daily Activity Run Down & Welcome
                           Spinnaker’s Scrapbook-  “This is my family”
10am - 11am:    Make Your Own Bookmark!
                           Monster Bowling
11am - 12pm:    Outside Bean Bag Toss Game
                           Frisbee Toss
12pm - 1pm:      Lunch
                           Board Games
1pm - 2pm:        Red Light, Green Light
                           Football Toss
2pm - 3pm:        Sand Art & Free Choice

9am - 10am:      Daily Activity Run Down & Welcome
                        Spinnaker’s Scrapbook “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
10am - 11am:    Beach Walk & Sandcastle Building
11am - 12pm:    Make our own Country & Flag
12pm - 1pm:      Picnic Lunch on the Beach
1pm - 2pm:        Lawn Bocce Ball
                            “On A Roll” Beach Game
2pm - 3pm:       *Tie Dye T-shirts      ($5)
                             Dolphin 101 & coloring

9am - 10am:      Welcome
                            Spinnaker’s Scrapbook-  “What is your Favorite Ocean Animal?”
10am - 11am:     Paper Plate Portholes
11am - 12pm:     Simon Says
                             Twister Competition
12pm - 1pm:       Lunch
                             Uno & Old Maid
1pm - 2pm:        Freeze Tag & Soccer
2pm - 3pm:        Lei Making and Free Art Choice

9am - 10am:       Daily Activity Run Down and Welcome
                             Spinnaker’s Scrapbook-  “My Favorite Beach Activity”
10am - 11am:     Musical Chairs
                             Beach Walk to Nature Preserve and Talk
11am - 12pm:     “I Spy” on the Beach and Sand Castle Building
12pm - 1pm:       Lunch
1pm - 2pm:        Water Balloon Races
2pm - 3pm:        *Sand Dollar Painting  ($5)
                             Shark 101 & Coloring

9am - 10am:      Daily Activity Run Down & Welcome
                             Finish Our Spinnaker’s Scrapbooks!
10am - 11am:     Message in a Bottle Craft
11am - 12pm:     Outside Bocce Ball & Freeze Dance!
12pm - 1pm:       Lunch
1pm - 2pm:        Beach Walk, Shell Hunt and Sandcastle Building
                             Kid’s Choice of Beach Games
2pm - 3pm:        Pen Pal Party & Ice Cream Party!!

The Spinnaker’s Kids’ Club is open year round; however, the scheduled activities will run from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Activities are subject to change due to weather conditions.

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UPDATED Adult Summer Activities
Tara Bonner (Grande Villas)

Friendly Gathering at the Grande Villas Oceanfront Fire Pit

Spoil Yourself at Indian Beach, NC!

Summer Day Time Activities

Surf Lessons courtesy of Hot Wax Surf Shop
**Register online at, be sure to use the Grande Villas code when booking registering online

Photography Lessons w/ Jeff Pennell
**$20 per person, 2 person class minimum (sign up with the front desk by the Monday of your arrival)

Personal Training and Massage -
Available on an individual basis.  Check with the HOA in the Lobby Lounge to arrange these exclusive services during your stay.  Fees vary.


Summer Evening Activities

Horseshoes & Bocce Ball on the beach

Wine Tasting $15 per person, minimum of 5 people required
**Sign-up with the HOA in the Lobby Lounge by Monday at 4pm

Culinary Class $8 per person, minimum of 3 people required
**Sign-up with the HOA in the Lobby Lounge by Monday at 4pm


Take Your Pick Any Day of the Week!

In the Osprey Club Lounge or on the Veranda…


View All Activities:

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Carolina Pig Pickin'
Tara Bonner (Grande Villas)

Carolina Pig Pickin'

Carolina Pig Pickin'

June 4th from 6:00pm-8:00pm @ Grande Villas

Enjoy a taste of Southern Hospitality and a Traditional Southern meal.

Bogue House Restaurant will provide the food for the event, and Grande Villas will provide the beverages for the bar. Pulled pork, fried chicken, baked beans, cole slaw, hush puppies, banana pudding & tea.

Put on your dancing shoes because there will be a DJ playing music for all to enjoy.

To join in on the Southern fun, RSVP to Ashley at or (919) 609-7527.

*Click HERE to view the website & Click HERE to view invite*

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Wine Tasting at The Preserve
Tara Bonner (Grande Villas)

Wine Tasting at the Preserve - Grande Villas at Indian Beach, NC

Wine Tasting at The Preserve

Date: May 21st

Time:  6:00 pm -8:00 pm

Location:  The Osprey Club Lounge & Terrace at Grande Villas at Indian Beach, NC

Tempt and test your palate while exploring new wines and enjoying the ocean breeze!

As you relax seaside at the Osprey Club Lounge and Terrace, Grande Villas will present a variety of wines for you to sample.

Hors d'oeuvres will be catered locallly by Chowdaheads and will include samplings such as Tomato Basil Bruschetta, Broccoli & Ham Wreath, Mini Foccacia Brick Sandwiches, Spinach Dip in a Bread Bowl, and Sausage Walnut & Stuffed Mushroom Caps.

Emerald Isle Wine Market will present a sommelier to educate the guests on the wines they are sampling.

To RSVP for Wine Tasting at The Preserve, email Project Coordinator Ashley Ergler at or call Ashley directly at 919-609-7527.

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Grande Villas Adult Summer Activities
Tara Bonner (Grande Villas)

Beach Wine Tasting and Fun Gathering at Grande Villas

Grande Villas at Indian Beach
Adult Activity 2009 Schedule
Monday - Saturday Time TBD

Beach Game Tournament (Bocce, Volleyball, Horsehoes, etc)

Guest Presenter (Fort Macon, Aquarium, Core Sound Waterfowl Museum, Cap'n Roy Willis, etc)

Wine Tasting

Culinary Night- Learn to make a signature dish with guest chefs from the Crystal Coast

Shag Lessons

Poker Night

Indian Beach, NC Real Estate Professionals
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