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Elizabeth City Potato Festival- May 15th- Downtown Waterfront
Janet Lane (Portfolio Real Estate Services)
Head Downtown this Saturday, May 15th, to join in the festivities of the Potato Festival in Elizabeth City, NC. This event is held annually and is all day, family-friendly entertainment. Events include a 5K Race, Potato Peeling Contest, Tater Tot…
Elizabeth City, North Carolina Realty Leads - (800) 900-2807 Elizabeth City Home Buyer Realtor Leads
Erelopro Out of Business, Relocation Professionals are out of business (erelopro)
It's amazing how bombarded we have become over the last few months with prospective home buyers wanting to contact us in regards to purchasing homes in the Elizabeth City area. We all know that the Home Buyers Credit is due to expire very soon,…
Conforming Loan Limits up in Pasquotank NC - Darren Stewart OakStar Bank
Darren Stewart (Mortgage Investment Services Corporation)
Conforming Loan Limits up in High Cost areas - Darren Stewart OakStar Bank ( edit / delete ) The conforming loan limits have moved up in High Cost areas, we now have available conforming financing up to loan amounts of $729, 750. 00. If you have a…
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