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JUICY FRIDAYS at Wonderworks
Sylvie Conde, Broker, Toronto Real Estate (Sutton Group-Associates Realty Inc., Brokerage)


The highly successful Juicy Fridays series continues with the following Spring programme.

All Juicy Fridays are free events presented by Wonderworks and invited guests, featuring an eclectic range of spiritually related topics and celebrations.

Call or email Wonderworks to register.

All Juicy Fridays begin at 7pm.

Friday April 24th  Earth Day Celebration & Early Music Concert

An Early Music performance featuring works from the Llibre Vermell, Cantigas de Santa Maria and Hildegard von Bingen.  

Many of these songs are stories about and for pilgrims walking in Mediaeval Spain with the theme of mother/virgin and miracles.  Some are dances and one is a 3 part round which will be offered  as a labyrinth meditation. As such, the prayer labyrinth, is one of the oldest contemplative and transformational tools known, has been used for centuries for prayer, ritual, initiation, and spiritual growth.

 - Krystina Lewicki, voice and percussion

 - Mike Franklin, flutes, shawm, voice

 - Billy Gegas, violin, voice

 - Ann-Marie Boudreau, harp, sitar and percussion


Wonderworks & The Fleishman Gallery
 79a Harbord Street (west of Spadina) Toronto, ON, M5S 1G4
Tel: 416 323 3131   Toll Free: 1 800 329 0757

info@gowonderworks.com     www.gowonderworks.com

Store Hours:
Monday to Friday   10:30 - 7:00 pm  
Saturday                 10:30 - 6:00 pm  
Sunday                    12:00 - 5:00 pm




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WonderWorks & The Fleishman Gallery - Upcoming Workshops
Sylvie Conde, Broker, Toronto Real Estate (Sutton Group-Associates Realty Inc., Brokerage)

The information below was provided to me by Rochelle Holt, owner of Wonderworks and The Fleishman Gallery. 
If you require additional information, do not hesitate to contact her directly, at

Tel: 416 323 3131   Toll Free: 1 800 329 0757

Wonderworks and The Fleishman Gallery are located in Harbord Village, Toronto.

Monthly New Moon Gatherings: The Power of Intuition with Ariela Weisfeld

Monday January 26th   Awakening our inner springs in the depth of winter

Thursday February 26th   Letting go to complete a cycle & spring into the next one

March date tba.

Come and plant your seeds of intention in community. Each new moon offers a potent opportunity to nurture and cultivate the imagination and awaken the power of intuition.  Ariela Weisfeld and monthly guests will reflect on each new moon's symbolic wisdom.

Drop in on any Moon, 7 to 9 pm   Fee: $20

Contact: info@arielaweisfeld.com  T: 416 654 0082  www.arielaweisfeld.com



Goddess Alive -  8 Point Wheel of Celebration with Mary Marzo

In these times of great shifts and changes, celebrating the ancient Goddess Festivals and honouring the Earth's cycles connects us to an inclusive life-affirming force that aids the process of healing ourselves, each other and Mother Earth.  Come join these safe sacred circles to celebrate the next two points on HER Wheel of Celebration.

Imbolc  - Monday February 2nd  7 - 9:30pm

Winter Cross Quarter Festival

Acknowledging the seeds that have been incubating during the dark time of winter. Honouring the birthing of the light and the maiden aspect of the Goddess returning.

Spring Equinox  - Thursday March 19th 7 - 9:30pm

The Spring Quarter Festival

Connecting to the awakening Earth, balance and the springing forth of new life. Celebrating life's fertility and manifestations on all levels.

Mary Marzo - holistic psychotherapist/healer/ritual maker. Creatress of the internationally acclaimed Goddess Healing CDs (Goddess Blessings, Goddess Relaxation & Meditations, Goddess & Child) that have touched many worldwide.

Registration per evening: $25

Contact:  416 424 2086  mm@goddesshealing.com   www.goddesshealing.com



Psychic Winter Fest 2009: Hosted by Toronto Psychic Services

Messages from the Other Side:  Free Public Mediumship Demonstration

Saturday February 21st  1- 2pm

Hear what your guides and loved ones in spirit want to say to you.  Join Selina Khan, Psychic Medium and Instructor, as she brings through messages and insights from spirit for many audience members.

Afterward, we invite you to stay for a private reading at -

The Psychic Fair from  2:30 -  5:30pm

Choose your reading from a number of gifted psychics, mediums, and intuitives.

15 minutes for $20

For more information contact:  Selina 416 855 5712 www.TorontoPsychicServices.com



Manifestation and Intuition Development Workshops with Selina Khan

(Please note - these 2 courses are not at Wonderworks, but the Don Mills & Sheppard area)


1.  ABCs of Intuition Development

Six Tuesdays starting January 27th from  6:30 - 9pm

This beginner course teaches you the essential skills to start working with your intuition.

* Learn to trust your perceptions * Strengthen your psychic senses
* Learn how to give a basic psychic reading * Develop practical uses for intuition


2.  Manifesting Your Destiny

Six Wednesdays starting January 28th from  6:30 - 9pm

Harness the power of manifestation.  Learn to co-create with the universe.

* Work with the Ten Universal Laws * Utilize vision boards, affirmations, meditations * Increase the possibility of achieving your goals

Please contact Selina to register: 416 855 5712 www.TorontoPsychicServices.com


Akashic Record Consultation Level One Certification:  The Soul Journeys® method

with Jennifer Longmore

Saturday February 28th   11am  -  7pm 

Level One certification teaches you a variety of powerful techniques in accessing your own sacred documents for: divine guidance about your path, your purpose and your divine gifts and talents; self-healing, completion of soul contracts, and co-creating with "all that is" to manifest all infinite possibilities to assist in you in living the most joyous, effortless, harmonious path. 

Investment: $250. includes manual and certificate

Contact Jennifer Longmore at 905 646 9168 or www.souljourneys.ca



A Sacred Journey Labyrinth Walk with Katherine Vatcher

 Friday March 20th  7 - 9 pm

Celebrate the Spring Equinox while experiencing the wonders of the Labyrinth.

Join Katherine on this sacred pilgrimage to inner peace. Walk the Labyrinth and rediscover yourself.  The Labyrinth can be used as a place of refuge, solace or meditation.   Walk at your own pace and embrace the experience.

Fee: $10  Contact: katherine.vatcher@sympatico.ca

Visit: proudnana-katherine.blogspot.com See you there.



Holistic Spring Fest 2009: Hosted by Toronto Psychic Services

Saturday April 18th  from 1:30  -  5pm

Treat yourself to a holistic tune-up!

Come and get ready to spring ahead with one or several of the beneficial holistic services offered.


*Reflexology  *Reiki  *Integrated Energy Therapy *Crystal Healing *Chakra Balancing

*Bach Flower Remedy Consultations  *Tarot Readings  *Psychics

15 minutes for $20. Double sessions will be based on availability

For more information contact: Selina Khan 416 855 5712 www.TorontoPsychicServices.com



Free Public Lecture & Book Signing: Thursday February 12th  6 - 8pm


Wonderworks presents Mary Swaine, Montreal-based author and healer

Healing Emotional Trauma  A clear, concise, all-in-one healing manual:  treat the body, heal the emotions; 29 useful alternative therapies (Flower remedies etc.); healing methods for negative emotions. 

Healing the Planet and Its' Inhabitants with Group Energy - This book was written after  leading and attending healing prayer and meditation groups for 20 years.


Mary Swaine is a Doctor of Naturopathy, and practices psychotherapy, colour/sound phytotherapy, hypnotherapy, reflexology, massage, and intuitive radionics.  She has produced CDs, written and illustrated children's books and exhibited her art in major European and North American galleries.



۞ The Return of Tarot Mondays - begins Jan. 19th from 12 to 5pm weekly 

We are excited to welcome Monica Bodirsky to open a new season of Tarot Mondays at Wonderworks. Monica has over 20 years of Tarot reading experience, and is a fourth generation seer whose great-great grandmother provided healing and spiritual consultation. As an artist and a tarot reader, she understands the significance of balancing symbolism and archetypes with intuition. Monica assists her clients through life changes and decisions by helping them connect to the insights offered by the cards.

Rates per session: $20 for 15 min., $40 for 30 min., $75 for 1 hour.

Walk-in, or pre-book an appointment with Monica: 416 784 9519  or monica.bodirsky@gmail.com


Juicy Fridays!!

Our highly successful Juicy Fridays series continues with the following Winter programme. All Juicy Fridays are free events presented by Wonderworks and guests, featuring an eclectic range of spiritually related topics and celebrations. Call or email Wonderworks to register. All Juicy Fridays begin at 7pm.


Friday January 30th Lady Istara presents Imbolc: A Ritual Celebration

This open ritual will herald the first signs of spring. Come to celebrate Imbolc and the Triple Goddess, through the eyes of the Maiden. Imbolc, also observed as Candlemas and as Groundhog Day, connects us elementally with the coming spring, even if in the dark of winter.


Friday February 27th Jeannette McCullough presents Journeying: The Way Of The Shaman

Shamanism is a disciplined way of getting knowledge and help, based on the premise that we do not have to work in one reality, or one dimension. This form of divination, or direct revelation, can be applied to problem solving, healing yourself or others, and to the service of the planet.


Friday March 27th James Wells presents A Mass of the Four Elements

This evening promises to be particularly Juicy.... James will creatively merge seemingly divergent spiritual traditions to cultivate a loving relationship with the elements. Please join us for this exciting re-animation of the celebration of Mass within an Earth-based context.


In The Fleishman Gallery

Leslie Peters, Talismans For The Home, Opening Reception, Saturday March 28th 6 - 9pm. The gallery is more than thrilled to welcome Leslie for the debut exhibition of her stunning new sculptural series created from found and collected items. Details to follow, minds to be blown...


Wonderworks & The Fleishman Gallery

 79a Harbord Street (west of Spadina) Toronto, ON, M5S 1G4

Tel: 416 323 3131                          Toll Free: 1 800 329 0757

info@gowonderworks.com            www.gowonderworks.com


Store Hours:

through Saturday 10:30 to 6pm  
Sunday 12 to 5pm

Tel: 416 323 3131   Toll Free: 1 800 329 0757


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Spirituality, Creativity, Holistic Health @ WonderWorks
Sylvie Conde, Broker, Toronto Real Estate (Sutton Group-Associates Realty Inc., Brokerage)

My client and dear friend Rochelle Holt owns a great bookstore in Harbord Village (Toronto).

I have spoken about Rochelle and her book store before, but with the start of a New Year, and renewed hope for peace in the world, spiritual wellbeing, living a healthy lifestyle, including meditation and relaxation, yoga, etc., I thought I would introduce you to WonderWorks one more time.

I love this place.  I don't visit nearly enough times, but every time I do, I bring something with me that helps me that little bit more to let go of everything (stress) - even if just for a little while.  I have enjoyed beginner Yoga DVDs,music that has helped me relax, and more recently, a cd with wonderful 'sounds' to fall asleep by (and if you have trouble sleeping like I do, you'd run to get one).

Here are some of the wonderful things you'll find at WonderWorks...




The last time I was at the store, I enquired about these beautiful pendulums.

You will find the information Rochelle provided to me, below.

Pendulums  &  The  Art  of  Dowsing
Pendulums are personal tools that assist with decision making, healing, and are used for diagnostic purposes. They can aid in answering questions about various issues related to nutrition and health, or, people and planning. You may dangle a pendulum over a calendar to choose the best date for an event, or use one to select the best flower essence for your needs.

Pendulums act as a conduit to the subconscious mind. By asking the pendulum a question, you can by-pass conscious thought to access knowledge held in the subconscious. When you ask a question while holding a pendulum, an electrical impulse is sent to your brain, followed by a responding electrical impulse that is sent back. That impulse creates a micro-constriction of muscles, sending energy down your arm to the chain or string of your pendulum and creating motion. Since a positive or negative response is represented by different energy, we observe two totally different movements, one corresponding to the answer yes, and the other, to the answer no.

How to use a pendulum:

  1. With one hand, hold the chain of the pendulum so that the bob is positioned over the palm of your other hand.
  2. Take a deep breath, relax and calm your mind.
  3. Ask the pendulum to show you yes, either silently or out loud. The bob will start to move either back and forth, side to side, at a slant or in a circular direction.
  4. If the pendulum does not move, re-focus and ask the pendulum to show you more clearly.
  5. Agree that the motion means yes. To be sure, you may test the answer by asking a question that you know clearly the yes response to such as your name, then test it by asking it the wrong name to see what the response is.
  6. Ask the pendulum to show you no by repeating steps 1-5.
  7. Ask the pendulum to show you maybe by repeating steps 1-5.
  8. Once you are satisfied that you have a definite and different movement for yes, no and maybe, you are ready to begin. Establishing clarity takes a little time and practice, allow yourself to be patient.
  9. You may begin with simple questions, for example: Should I have this book? Is this the right tarot deck for me? Is this (------) to my greatest benefit? Does it support my highest good?  It is helpful to be as specific as possible when forming your questions. Avoid emotional issues and questions about predictions until your skill level increases.
  10. Have fun. Be playful. Relax.

Pendulums come in many varieties.  
Wonderworks carries a wide selection made from natural crystals and gemstones, as well as a selection of specialized brass and wood pendulums made by professional dowser, Alicja Aratyn.

While all pendulums may be used to ask questions, there are specific shapes such as the Isis and Mermet that may additionally be used therapeutically to alleviate physical or emotional pain, treat illness, balance chakras, or reduce stress.


I hope you find some time to visit WonderWorks, but if you can't, please give Rochelle a call, or visit her website.  I'm sure you will find something that is just right for you.

This is Rochelle Holt :)

This is where.....


79A Harbord Street, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1G4 (416) 323-3131 * 1-800-329-0757 *

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Fleishman Gallery  -  Opening Reception   -  Friday October 17th 7 - 9:30pm

- WINE & CHEESE - JOIN US - At WonderWorks -


The Fleishman Gallery is located at WonderWorks
79a Harbord Street
(west of Spadina)
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1G4
416 323 3131


Upcoming exhibition by Israel-based performance artist, Lezli Rubin-Kunda.

The artist will be in attendance, and also performing an ‘ongoing action' during the reception.


Exhibition viewing times:

Sunday  Oct. 19th 12-5

Monday 20th - Friday 24th 11- 6

 Monday 27th - Friday 31st 11- 6

Housekeeping 2007 Ramat Hasharon, Israel, Duration, 13:35

Down to Earth  2006 Barcelona, Spain, Duration, 2:30

A Walk with Mask, Streamers, and Sardine Cans 2007  Lisbon, Portugal, Duration: 4:00

Lezli Rubin-Kunda is a multidisciplinary artist who uses live action, as well as installation, drawing, photography and video to explore her relationship with her surroundings.

The three video pieces presented here, all deal with a place. Through simple spontaneous actions and activities, using the materials of the immediate surroundings in interaction with the artist's body, they connect to different sites, each with its physical, as well as symbolic, cultural, or metaphysical dimensions. Two of the works are created from documentation from performance festivals. 

In Down to Earth, the artist digs up earth, carries it through the streets and then descends into an old wine cellar where she acts and plays with the earth and other local produce and debris.

The third and longest work, Housekeeping, is an extended meditation on the reality and concept of home. It is comprised of 11 short video ‘poems',  each one related to different aspects, both material and philosophical, of the artist ‘s relation to her home in all its complexity.  Home is the place of living, working , daydreaming, a rich and fertile ground for creating.

It is the hearth, and I am like the goddess Hestia, guarding the domestic realm; it is the meeting place between sacred and profane space; it is an arena of daily life, from the trivial and banal to the most transcendent: sometimes a trap, sometimes a shelter. Seeing  the house as a performance arena blurs the boundaries of art and life, of domestic and artistic pursuits; when I set up my camera every action becomes fraught with layers of significance. 

In these works, any assumptions of home as refuge, as order against the chaos, as domestic vs wordly - are reexamined. Rootedness and permanence are brought to question: human constructs cannot keep out the inevitability of flux and dissolution. The built world and the natural world continually fuse, shifting positions.

The artist holds a BA from the University of Toronto in Interdisciplinary Studies, and an MFA from the Boston School of the Museum of Fine Arts.
She currently lives in Israel, teaching in the Architecture and City Planning area at the Technion, Haifa, Israel.


This information was provided by Rochelle Holt, Owner, WonderWorks & Fleishman Gallery.
For additional information, please call Rochelle, at 416-323-3131

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Sylvie Conde, Broker, Toronto Real Estate (Sutton Group-Associates Realty Inc., Brokerage)

If you know Harbord Village, you're probably familiar with the many great stores along the block between Bathurst and Spadina.

If you don't know the area, and you don't know the stores, you want to take a few hours, and get to know this block...

SAVE: 10-75% off selected products and services on Harbord Street, between Bathurst & Spadina

Want to have some fun while you save?  Here is a short list of some of the things taking place that day:

- Readings and mini-sex workshops at Toronto Women's Bookstore and Good For Her

- BBQ at Toronto Women's BookStore

- Delights and Surprises at WonderWorks BookStore

- Free mini hand and arm massages and organic skin care consultations at Divine Scents

Don't miss this great street sale and get to know the great stores in the area.

Here is a list of some of the stores participating:

- WonderWorks

- Good For Her

- Toronto Women's Bookstore

- Wild Thing Cafe

- Curl Ambassadors

- Jode Jewellery Artist

- Divine Scents


Sylvie Conde, Broker
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WonderWorks Book Store, Harbord Village, Toronto
Sylvie Conde, Broker, Toronto Real Estate (Sutton Group-Associates Realty Inc., Brokerage)

A very good friend (and client), Rochelle Holt, owns the greatest (in my opinion) and only alternative book store in the downtown area of the City.

The store specializes in books about spirituality, creativity, holistic health, etc.  At WonderWorks, you can find ways to honour all of life's transitions (I stole this from her website) ... you can check it out for yourself, or just give her a call, if you're looking for something specific (books, journals, CDs, flower essences, calendars, jewellery, gifts, etc.).

WonderWorks   416-323-3131   rochelle@gowonderworks.com

The store is located at 79A Harbord Street, in Toronto, just West of Spadina.

If you're in the area, please visit the store.  I promise you will find something there just for you.
If Rochelle or one of her friendly staff can't help you, they will certainly point you in the right direction.

Rochelle has helped me (with referrals and friendship) and this is my way to try to help her - get the word out. Pay it forward!

Thanks, Rochelle. :)


Maya Tawari, renowned Ayurvedic expert, healer and author comes to WonderWorks,
Friday July 18th,  6 - 8pm

Mother Maya, as she is known, will be offering a free 45 minute talk followed by a book signing to celebrate her latest book, Women's Power to Heal .
All are welcome, please contact WonderWorks to reserve your space.

Organized by the Vidya Institute, her visit to Toronto will also include weekend events at Vidya:  http://www.vidyainstitute.com/tiwari.htm

Opening Reception - Senseless by Kirsten Rohloff,
Friday July 11th, 7 - 9pm

The WonderWorks/ Fleishman Gallery is happy to present this intriguing video installation by recent OCAD graduate, Kirsten Rohloff. Please join us for a glass of wine and lovely catered treats.

N E W   W O R K S H O P S


Tuesday, July 15th  & July 29th   7:00 - 9:00pm

Tuesday, August 12th  7:00 - 9:00

Sacred Sound has long been used in many traditions to heal, to connect with our innermost being and to connect with the Great Mystery. We will spend the evening exploring sacred sound through voice for the purpose of personal, group and healing for the earth.

For info and registration: 416 254 7054  deborahbrodey@hotmail.com  Cost $25



Wednesday, July 16th & August 14th 6:30 - 9:30pm

Experience the science of Shamanism & ecstatic body feeling. While sitting or standing in a very specific posture, listening to a rattle shake in a steady manner for only 15 minutes, participants enter into a trance state. The postures act as a biological door, like a gateway in our body to allow us to open up into the 'Alternate Reality'.

For info and registration: http://www.somaearth.com/sea-event-body-postures.html or 

416 656 4444 Cost: Free or by Donation +/- $25



Tuesday July 22nd  from  6:30 to 9:30pm

Healing the Wounds of the Heart and Opening Ourselves to Receiving Love:

This is an experiential workshop that explores our personal blocks and conditions that prevent us from fully accepting ourselves and creating fulfilling relationships. Our safe, non-judgmental and supportive environment allows insights and healing effects. 

For info and registration:  416 252 3230  jacques@tripogney.com Cost: $75.  
(25% or 50% discount if you bring one or two persons).






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