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796 SW Mill Street, Dallas, OR
Becky Kahl (Rushing Real Estate)

Priced for Quick Sale! Rare Rickreall Creek frontage, quiet and peaceful neighborhood, great locationwith country feel (even deer) in the city. Well built quality home 1354 sq ft, 2 bedrooms and 2 baths with huge open living room/dining room with fireplace and windows to enjoy the view, large bedrooms. The landscape is a gardeners dream come true - beautiful, great soil, low maintenance with sprinklers and drip systems throughout the yard. All of this plus the creek in your very private backyard. Shop in the garage - a must view home! Easy commute to Salem, OR. This home qualifies for an FHA loan with only 3.5% down, also qualifies for 100% Rural Housing Loan and first time home buyers you still receive the $8000 tax credit. Call Becky to see if you qualify for any of these amazing programs. Priced at only $220,000.

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My New Years Resolutions
Teresa Schwab (Prudential Real Estate Professionals)

  Just wanting to share a little bit about myself and figured that my 08' resolutions (I have several) are a good beginning.

#1 I'm going to spend 1 day a month doing nothing but horse stuff. That means don't turn on the computer, turn off all forms of communication with the world and focus soulfully on my beloved 4-legged friends for a full day. It's amazing how a person who hates the TV can love the PC, I think it's because I can interact with it so much that I feel busy. Whatever it is, I vow to break the addiction this year and use the PC only for work.

#2 Get plenty of cardio exercise on a weekly basis. That means working out for 90 minutes 3 times a week and make it a habit forever! There's some time away from the PC.

#3 Make 2 extra house payments a year which will shorten my loan to just 14 years, which is very attractive to a 40 something woman who wants to be done with house payments by the time she's 60. One never knows what's around the corner and the older you get the closer those corners are!

So those are the things I have vowed to do this year. It's now February and I have yet to do any of them except go to the gym a couple of times and put that little extra towards my principle. If your wondering how I can do that it's really easy. Just divide your house payment by 12 and times that number by 2, that number is your extra you pay to your principle only. If you don't have a spot for it on your statement or coupon then you need to write a separate check and state on it for principle only, this will lower your principle by tons within a short time and interest too! Before long you will be mortgage free and it didn't even hurt!

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Tax Time is coming...
Teresa Schwab (Prudential Real Estate Professionals)

It's another year gone by and time to get your taxes together. If you're a business owner you understand the value in a simple receipt and how important itemizing is. But to the average person tax time means two simple things; #1 get your W-2 stub from your boss #2 go get your refund from any ole tax service place or maybe have your mom do them for you. Here's a couple of hints for a larger return. #1 Don't let mom do them even though she's free and pick a reputable accountant. #2 Save all receipts, write down your mileage and itemize, itemize, itemize. You might not think you have enough deductions to do so but let me share with you.

Did you go to the dentist, Doctor last year? Do you commute to work?  How many times did you change your oil or have anything else done to your vehicle? Do you have to buy special clothing for your job, suits, boots, etc.? Do you pay insurance? Health, auto, aflac, etc. Do you have a retirement plan or stock investments? Do you own a home? The interest is a tax deduction.

So...Even if you didn't save your receipts in 07' you still have plenty of time to go see a professional accountant and ask them to help you, it's free until you actually use them and then there's a fee. They will tell you what they need to have you do in 08' to benefit from itemizing and you will get a much larger refund.


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