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Myrtle Beach Extreme Home buying - 843, REALTOR
John Winzenried (843, Realtor)

Myrtle Beach Extreme Home buying - 843, REALTOR. As the Extreme Makeover team returns to Horry County SC for the 2nd time to make someones dreams come true. 843 REALTOR is here to do the same for Myrtle Beach home buyers looking to live the Myrtle Beach dream. We have the Myrtle Beach MLS search online for buyers to review. If you are looking for a home in Cherry Grove North Myrtle Beach, Murrells Inlet, Conway, Surfside Beach, Carolina Forest, Forestbrook, Garden City, Little River and more.

Interest rates are starting to reach 5.25% for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage. These are still good rates and home prices are still low. Contact a Myrtle Beach Real Estate agent at 843, REALTOR and start to live the dream.

Let 843, REALTOR reveal your home.

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Myrtle Beach SC Boardwalk - 843, REALTOR Myrtle Beach Real Estate
John Winzenried (843, Realtor)

Myrtle Beach SC Boardwalk - 843, REALTOR Myrtle Beach Real Estate. The summer of 2010 should see the opening of the long awaited Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. This Myrtle Beach SC Boardwalk - 843, REALTOR Myrtle Beach Real Estate. The summer of 2010 should see the opening of the long awaited Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. This Boardwalk will be in the downtown area and run along the Ocean. This Myrtle Beach attraction is expected to drawn tourist and give pedestrians a place to enjoy everything Myrtle Beach has to offer. Myrtle Beach City Council is trying to work out all the details regard the Boardwalk use. Some tough issues are allowing vendor’s space on the Boardwalk. Some people feel that selling food in an area that already has restaurant is not the way to go. So now the big question is what vendors are allowed to sell on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk? How many vendors to allow on the Boardwalk? What can the vendors sell on the Boardwalk?

The 1.2 mile Boardwalk should create another place for tourist and locals a chance to enjoy the beach in the downtown Myrtle Beach area. Myrtle Beach Real Estate Companies will also be watching the Boardwalk rules and regulation unfold. I am sure setting up a Myrtle Beach Real Estate booth on the new Myrtle Beach Boardwalk could be an interesting adventure. While bikes and pets might be allowed at certain times of the day and during certain times of the year, skateboards will never be OK on the boardwalk. Council agreed nothing could be permanently affixed to the $6 million boardwalk and that each cafe should be divided from the next by movable barriers, planters or stanchions. The cafes will only be allowed in the widest area of the boardwalk and the center section between Eighth and 11th avenues north.

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Myrtle Beach Real Estate
John Winzenried (843, Realtor)

Myrtle Beach Real Estate

Myrtle Beach Real Estate is presently offering deep discounts on many of the Myrtle Beach Real Estate Listings. The Myrtle Beach Real estate Market has not seen prices this low in years. Prices are discounted on many new construction neighborhoods and builders have inventory homes ready to close quickly. First time home buyers can enjoy the $8,000 money from the Government and for a limited time some new construction sites are offering to all buyers 4.875% on a 30 year fixed loan.

The Myrtle Beach bank owned homes can be another area of interest with Oceanfront Myrtle Beach properties, commercial Myrtle Beach listings and single family Myrtle Beach homes for sale. If you were ever interested in buying the Myrtle Beach Vacation home, 2ndhome or investing for the future let us show you some properties around the area. 843, Realtor a local Myrtle Beach Real estate Company offers the Myrtle Beach South Carolina MLS search and a Live Myrtle Beach Real estate Agents online till 10pm or call toll free 888-935-8862.

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Where are people putting their money today?
Myrtle Beach South Carolina Marketing (

For the past 3 decades,  Myrtle Beach Hotels,  in Myrtle Beach, SC were concerned with one group of people and everything they did...  Baby Boomers!!!

As a Real Estate sales person,  if your focus today is exclusively bent on Baby Boomers,  then you might want to look into selling health supplements,  medical/pharmacy sales, juices, and exercise for life products,  because the next few years will see them largely spending here.

We all witnessed the chase towards the highest return on investments over the past 20 years.  Firs it was technology stocks.  Everyone invested here and many got burned.  Then it was the stock market as a whole.  Once it topped and no apparent great leaps were availalbe, in the late 90's and the 00's we watched the Real Estate boom,  fostered by government credit out of control.

Most of these investors were looking for quick and high returns.  Personally,  I think looking for quick and high returns is much like looking for white tigers.  While they do exist,  they are very rare.  Be careless around them and they will turn around and shred you to bits.  Just ask Sigfried and Roy about that.

Today,  much of the universe is investing again in technology, especially all aspects of Social Networking for generation X and generation Y.  To be totally transparent,,  has purchased a $700,000 social platform for the purpose of connecting Tourists, locals and businesses in all things Myrtle Beach. 

If you love selling real estate,  however, and you are making it a career craft,  then you also need to be patient and develop lifelong relationships with Gen X and Gen Y.  Gen X has now nested and Gen Y is just starting to nest.  These mid twenties to early forty somethings see the world very differently from baby boomers.  I take full credit for naming this generation Generation Internet or the Internet Generation.  Mr. Obama leveraged their way of thinking right into the White House.

So,  I would suggest you repattern your thinking to their do's and don'ts.

They don't:

  • Trust network news
  • Trust what a business says about itself in an advertisement
  • Read the newspaper
  • Follow social conventions  (Everything is personal for them from their music, entertainment, etc)
  • Like Television
  • Prepare from scratch meals -  (nor do they know how)

They DO

  • Love Technology  (especially Ipods, Iphones, video games)
  • Think green  (they blame boomers for destroying the planet they will inherent)
  • Love organic food  (but they often can't afford it)
  • Have a sense of entitlement  (these times may change that)
  • Trust reviews and friends opinions over advertisers or the news
  • LOVE SOCIAL NETWORKING  (that is where they find out about you - not from you,  but others)
  • Love the idea of community,  but don't know how to do it in a non electronic way.
  • Crave honest, open, and transparent relationships

Want to build a dynamic future for yourself?   Learn how and where to sell to these guys.  These are today's investors and buyers.  Let's track and follow them.


What do you think?



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Great local Real Estate Search Terms
Myrtle Beach South Carolina Marketing (

Myrtle Beach Real Estate Sales,  based on my last blog and the comments it received are going to be very dependent on managing great search terms.   Much of this has to do with internet knowledge and how your individual website is designed.

It appears the internet has created winners and losers.  The question is "How to become a winner on the internet"?    When it comes to search engines,  the clear winner is google.  It now represents over 60% of all internet searches.

For our area,  the terms Myrtle Beach Real Estate,  Myrtle Beach Foreclosures, and Myrtle Beach Real Estate sales are critical google search terms.  With that said,  there are two ingredients to being on this search term.  Prior to 2006,  if you had the web covered, you were good with google,  but the Iphone changed all of that. 

Now as many google map searches are done for a term as web searches,  what with all the 3G phones like the Iphone and the Blackberry Storm.   Get used to it,  google maps searches will soon eclipse web searches for all time and eternity and we won't go back.

What does that mean?  If you do Myrtle Beach Real Estate Sales,  but your office is in Pawley's Island,  you can never make a Myrtle Beach google map and stay there.

if you do have an office in Myrtle Beach that sells real estate,  but your website is poorly designed and you have an over 35% bounce rate on that term,  good luck,  you won't stay on that map for long.

Here is what google is looking for:

RELEVANCY: How relevant is your website for the term that you want to rank on.

HOW THAT IS MEASURED:  By how many people click on your site first over other choices on the google page and by how deep into your website that visitor goes.  If a guest goes onto your site and then leaves immediately,  that is a bounce and it will bounce you off of that term.

SITE INTEREST:  How long someone stays on your site and how many pages they view.

HOW IS THAT MEASURED: Simply by page views and time on your site.

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN FOR YOU?  This month google rolled out its new algorithym.  New searches are now individualized based on what each IP user recently searched.  For example:  If you are always looking for plumbing parts and you enter the search term delta,  you'll get DELTA Faucets.  If however,  you are always on Travel sites and you enter the term DELTA,  you'll definitely get an airline company. 


Companies like are ranked on key search terms like Myrtle Beach Real Estate Sales.

You can see the term above on the map,  if you click the hyperlink words above as probably B. offers help to local Real Estate Agents as they can purchase a placement on Page one of the site with video feeds of properties, and as many links as they like.  During tough times,  every dollar counts and web presence is everything.

JD Redmon,  Vice President of Sales at is always available for those in the Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Surfside, Conway, Loris, Murrells Inlet, and Pawleys Island areas that want help getting exposure on a Myrtle Beach map term.  His number is 843-241-0488 and he works every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.



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Myrtle Beach Hotels see slow start
Myrtle Beach South Carolina Marketing (

Myrtle Beach Hotels on the Oceanfront and those around Broadway at the Beach are seeing a slow start to Summer rentals.  With the economic reversals of Fall 2008,  Myrtle Beach experienced a slow end to rentals in the period that ran from October through December as well.

"We have seen a soft beginning to 2008", said J Goldstein,  manager of Coastal Golf Away.  Coastal Golf Away is one of the premier golf vacation companies in the area that runs from Ocean Isle Beach to Pawleys Island.  "We are hoping that consumer confidence will grow with the new administration in place."

"The misery index is real high right now", said Christina Taylor,  a sales account executive for Myrtle Beach Hotels.

"We are waiting for March". stated Bruce Kligman,  owner of Kligs Kites.  "For our business,  we really don't know the effects until the tourists either come and spend,  come and don't spend,  or don't come."

Many hotels in Myrtle Beach, SC are seeing reservations for Summer months booked at half of what was on the books at this same time in 2008.  "People are just waiting longer this year to make reservations", said Bob Cline,  owner of Cherry Grove Realty,  a company that does sales and vacation rentals.

While the new administration is promising hope,  Myrtle Beach vacation rentals and area hotels just aren't feeling it yet. 

Myrtle Beach Real Estate sales have seen a small blip up according to the Sun News recent blog about Condo Lux.

Perhaps we are nearing the bottom of an economic decline or perhaps the bottom is just ahead.  It does appear that consumers are worried in general and vacation spending will happen last minute this year,  if at all.


What's your opinion?  Has the economic recession moved beyond the real estate industry in your area?


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Hard Rock Theme Park investor writes off investment
Myrtle Beach South Carolina Marketing (

Hard Rock Park

Our Myrtle Beach Hotels Active Rain blog,  earlier posted why we felt Hard Rock Park missed the mark.

Today,  Sept. 3rd,  our local paper The Sun News,  has released news stating that the chief investor has completely written off his investment.

We laid out key reasons we felt the park failed.  Feel free to read our blog on Hard Rock Park and give us your opinion.

 You can do so by hitting the first Hard Rock Park Topic Cloud on your left.



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