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Holston river
Mike Newman (Home & Garden Real Estate)
The Holston River is where I grew up as a child. I have been fortunate to always have the opportunity to relive these great experiences. The Holston river starts in Virginia and runs through East Tennessee until it meets the French Broad river in…
Morels in Grainger County
Mike Newman (Home & Garden Real Estate)
The end of March brings the harbinger of Spring around the Clinch Mountains. Morels have started showing up in the low areas this week. I was able to transplant the first ones of this year. They were moved from their cold damp beds to the heat of my…
New Airpark Development in Grainger County
Mike Newman (Home & Garden Real Estate)
Located on the Holston River in Grainger County is East Tennessee's newest airpark. The landing strip is 3, 000 ft. long and has home sites adjacent to it for licensed pilots. A golf course and restaurant are planned for the next phase. There is…
Hiking The Other Mountains
Mike Newman (Home & Garden Real Estate)
Sarting in December I get ready to hike and enjoy the Clinch Mt. range. These beautiful unspoiled and less traveled peaks run through Grainger County. I particularly enjoy the solitude of roaming these mountains as I never see anyone. Clinch Mt. is…
East Tennessee, a great place to be
David Wyrick, East TN Real Estate (Single Tree Realty Company)
From the eastern foothills of the Smoky Mountains to the Cumberland Plateau, East Tennessee is a wealth of natural wonders with all the forests, wetlands, cedar glades, creeks, rivers, lakes, mountains, caves, and waterfalls to choose from. The…
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