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Home prices in East Nashville TN for January 2015
Jim Taylor (Weichert, Realtors - The Andrews Group)

East Nashville TN 37205Home Prices in East Nashville Tennessee for January 2015


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These neighborhood-focused summaries also provide timely information on school districts and other factors that influence the overall real estate market.


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East Nashville (37206) Home Prices


The median sold price for homes for sale in East Nashville Tennessee set another 12-month high at the end of 2014, as it continues its steady increase for the third consecutive month. The median listing price also showed a slight increase over the month. East Nashville homes are ot staying on the market very long.  The median number of days active properties have been listed is 52, which is significantly shorter than the national average.


This chart represents East Nashville Tennessee (37206) home sales dating back to February 2014.  

East Nashville home prices January 2015


East Nashville Tennessee Real Estate Trends for December 2014: 

The median list price in December 2014 for single family homes in East Nashville TN is $375,720. 

The median number of days active properties have been listed is 52. This is significantly shorter than the national average.

The number of active listings in East Nashville (37206) decreased 19.40% from the previous month.

The percent of owner occupied properties in Nashville (37206) is 17.63% below the national average.


Previous months:


Historical Data 2014
Real Estate Trends
in East Nashville 37206

  List Price 
Median days
  on market 
Distressed listings
Foreclosures / Short Sales
December $370,430 42 201 0.50
November $354,090 31 195  
October $344,800 39 189 0.5%
September $342,450 33 185 1.1%
August $359,690 42    
July $365,340 44    
June $371,920 32    
May $365,220 30    
April $350,880 32    
March $360,630 36    
February $339,980 30    
January $317,520 63    





Franklin TN Community Trends

East Nashville, Inglewood & historic Edgefield homes are generating

significant buyer interest within a few days of hitting the

market. Sellers can expect significant interest in their homes

if their listing price is consistent with market trends.  


If you're in the market to buy in East Nashville, you'll want an agent

that knows of listings before they hit the market.


The graphs above also show a gap between listing price and

sales price. To ensure you don't overpay, you'll need a

thorough market analysis of the East Nashville home on which
you are making an offer.





Check out the current inventory of East Nashville Tennessee homes for sale!


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Josh anderson
The Hop Stop: East Nashville’s Newest Beer Growler Filling Location
Josh Anderson, Always in Tune with Nashville Real Estate (Keller Williams - The Anderson Group)

Why The Hop Stop Is the Only Growler Filling Spot You Need


The Hop Stop East NashvilleAnother new beer revolution has taken over Music City. No longer must you rely on convenience stores and grocery stores to stock the beers you love. We all know how rare finding a good craft beer among the domestics at Kroger is, too. Fortunately, a few trail blazers decided to open growler filling stations, starting with Craft Brewed on 8th Avenue South near ML Rose. Later came the Filling Station at 12 South. Now, we have The Hop Stop in East Nashville. These booming businesses make stopping in to fill your growler with your favorite local and national craft beers a snap.


About The Hop Stop


Located just off Trinity Lane and Gallatin Pike, The Hop Stop is in a very convenient spot. Beer aficionados in this area of Inglewood have been fortunate with the choices, since Village Pub and Beer Garden is located nearby, too. In fact, The Hop Stop is the brainchild of the very same owners who brought Village Pub to life and success. That means you can expect the same quality service and beer choices you’ve already come to love from Jesse Hamilton’s first endeavor.


This is an already hot part of town, too. Homes in the area are being snapped up and remodeled on a weekly basis. Neighborhoods are still affordable, bringing many young professionals to the area. It won’t be long before home values really take off.


What Makes The Hop Stop Different?


When growler filling shops are opening right and left in Nashville, how can one possibly stand out? Well, The Hop Stop does, and the reasons have a lot to do with the staff, who are all attentive, knowledgeable, and just super nice. Then, there’s the menu. A growler joint with food? Absolutely. The main feature is the hot dog on a pretzel bun, but the various styles of dogs with incredible fresh ingredients will win you over immediately. Then there’s the spicy black bean hummus or the hoppy popcorn if you’re just looking for something light. Of course, the real star is the beer. These guys make excellent beer selections so you can get exactly what you want.



Photo credit: The Hop Stop

Josh anderson
The Age-Old Real Estate Debate: Rent vs. Buy
Josh Anderson, Always in Tune with Nashville Real Estate (Keller Williams - The Anderson Group)

Where Are Your Dollars Better Spent?


renting vs. buying a homeChoosing between renting and buying is often as simple as determining how long you plan to be in your current home. For short-term stays, renting is the better option. So much investment is needed for making a purchase that you won’t see a return for up to four years or more. Those planning to stick around a while, however, will find that buying is the better deal.


Real-Life Application


To show you what we mean, we’ve used this rent calculator to give you an idea of the money spent from year to year on both mortgage and rent for the same home. This home, for our purposes, is located in East Nashville, has a price of $150,000 or rent payments of $900 per month. Can you picture it?


For the first four years of living in this home, renting is better. In fact, in year three, you’d save over a thousand dollars just by renting instead of buying. By year four, however, you’d save $364 as the homeowner instead of a tentant, and at six years, you’d save nearly $2000.


These numbers take into account several factors, including interest on your mortgage, property taxes, maintenance, and homeowner’s insurance. While these aren’t necessary expenditures for renting, many are included in the monthly mortgage payment, which would be lower than a lease payment. Where the money is saved, aside from a lower mortgage payment, is in rising rent payments from year to year, for which you receive no equity.


Find Your East Nashville Dream


Believe it or not, plenty of homes in East Nashville fit right into this price model. We’ve selected eleven different properties that could fulfill your hopes of being a homeowner instead of renting. Take a look at what’s available under $150,000 in East Nashville and then start taking control of your future.

Image: freedigitalphotos.net/renjith krishnan

Josh anderson
East Nashville Embraces The Treehouse Restaurant
Josh Anderson, Always in Tune with Nashville Real Estate (Keller Williams - The Anderson Group)

Fine Foods No Stranger to Trendy Neighborhood


treehouse nashville East Nashville has become synonymous with fun, trendy restaurants and bars, especially as the community grows to encompass a larger area of the east side. Five Points boasts Café Margot and 5 Points Pizza, Riverside Village features Village Pub and Beer Garden, and just across Gallatin Pike you’ll find The Pharmacy and Holland House. The Treehouse, located in the Five Points area, joins this esteemed list of exciting and sometimes unusual eateries.


What Makes The Treehouse Different?


Aside from a name that inspires thoughts of playfulness and childhood fun, what sets The Treehouse apart from other restaurants in the area? The first would be the eclectic and ever-changing menu. Chef Todd Alan Martin takes pride in sourcing fresh, local food from nearby providers. The restaurant also created its own farm, where produce will be grown for use in the dishes. These ingredients all work together in dishes that call back to previous experiences. His Texas, South America, and Asia-inspired cuisine already have people talking. 


Take Part in the Fun


The new restaurant is located inside the triangle formed by Café Margot, Red Door Saloon, and Café Marche. The interior is rugged yet polished, a great environment for dates or just nights out with friends. The cocktail menu is enviable, adding to East Nashville’s reputation for top-notch mixology. And all this could be yours for an evening, but you might want to make a reservation. Space is limited, and The Treehouse is hot, hot, hot. Making a reservation is easy. The number is right there on their website, but just in case you don’t want to navigate away from here just yet, it’s 615-454-4201.


As you might imagine, any trendy new businesses in East Nashville only work to make the area more desirable. If you’ve been hoping to call this neighborhood home, give us a call. With such incredible growth going on in the area, you’ll find plenty of homes from which to choose.


Photo credit: Treehouse Restaurant

Josh anderson
Discover Nashville’s Fastest Growing Neighborhood
Josh Anderson, Always in Tune with Nashville Real Estate (Keller Williams - The Anderson Group)

East Nashville Expands Yet Again

east nashville growingThe East Nashville neighborhood is one of the hottest in the city. Most consider the 37206 zip code the center of the action, but over the past several years, the community has stretched almost to Madison and now includes the 37216 zip code. Homes in these areas have seen steady price appreciation, even through the latest economic crisis. Now, East Nashville is growing once more, with its eye firmly on the 37207 zip code.

McFerrin Park

Much attention has been paid to the McFerrin Park neighborhood in recent months because of an initiative to save the Roxy Theatre, the community’s historic entertainment complex. In addition to these efforts, homes between Cleveland Street and Downtown have experienced revitalization and renovation. New construction, new business, and historic refurbishment put this neighborhood on the map as one to watch.

Cleveland Park

Between Douglas Avenue and Cleveland Street, homes are seeing a resurgence in attention and interest. Many have been flipped or simply remodeled for the owner’s enjoyment. The result is beautiful houses on manicured lots, with safer sidewalks for family strolls. Nearby, Cleveland Park awaits anyone in the mood for a ball game, run, or picnic.

Beyond Douglas Avenue

Even beyond Douglas Avenue, between Trinity Lane and these amazing neighborhoods, homes are getting new attention. Not only are the existing homes getting makeovers, but new, contemporary styles are being introduced. Though farther from downtown, the convenience is still undeniable. 

Incredible Appreciation

A mere two years ago, homes in the area sold at prices of $90 to $100 per square foot. The latest listings in these neighborhoods now range from $135 to $155 per square foot. The appreciation in price is hard to ignore. Those seeking investment properties would find plenty of value in this area. If you’re one looking for homes with promising futures, contact The Anderson Group today.

photo credit: osmium via photopin cc

Josh anderson
Revitalization Continues in Nashville and Surrounding Areas
Josh Anderson, Always in Tune with Nashville Real Estate (Keller Williams - The Anderson Group)

Nashville’s Urban Redevelopment Focuses on Abandoned Theaters

urban renewal nashville belle meade theatreThe latest in revitalization for urban areas in Nashville and the surrounding areas focuses on abandoned theaters and shopping complexes. Perhaps the most visible of these exists in the Belle Meade community, where the theater received a facelift and a grocery store tenant. The project has served as a model for other areas of the city.

8th Avenue South

The introduction of ML Rose began the renaissance of the Melrose area. An abandoned theater across the street was once the jewel in the crown of a strip mall, which, until recently, featured a lone holdover in the form of a billiards hall. The theater is now undergoing renovation, and new retail spaces are being remodeled for future tenants. Apartments and other housing options are also being built. These homes will join other recent developments as some of the most sought after in the city.

Meridian Street and McFerrin Park

The Roxy Theatre was once one of Nashville’s finest entertainment complexes. With a history including some of the city’s biggest names—Johnny Cash, to name one—the theater was prime for renovation. Now undergoing remodeling, the Roxy and the surrounding buildings are now being considered East Nashville’s most lucrative refurbishment. Plans for live entertainment and classic movies will bring a whole new audience to the neighborhood, which is already experiencing revival. Soon to follow will be restaurants, coffee shops, and retail spaces that will boost home values.

These recent developments will certainly spark renewed interest in other abandoned strip malls and theaters in the city and surrounding area. If those exist in your neighborhood, keep a close eye on the proceedings. The finished product is sure to elevate home prices in your area, so a push to renovate existing structures is a wise step.

To learn more about the homes available in these areas, contact The Anderson Group. We're as excited about urban renewal as you are!

photo credit: urbanwoodchuck via photopin cc

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Tomato Fest 5k in East Nashville
Kristy Hairston, Kristy Hairston (Village Real Estate)

Today I ran the Tomato 5k hosted by the Margaret Maddox YMCA in East Nashville. Mayor Karl Dean was there to start the race.

Early Morning at Tomato 5k #NashvilleAlthough it was exhausting, I had a great time.

First, let me say that I have a new appreciation for the wonderful community of East Nashville.

Many of the homeowners were outside their homes cheering us on as we ran or walked past. Some of them even had water, music and encouragement. In fact, as I ran up the wonderful Woodland street hill, there was a neighbor with two speakers on his front lawn, blasting "Eye of the Tiger!" It made me smile.

Runners were encouraging each other and we all finished feeling very accomplished. 

The Tomato Arts Fest will be going on for the remainder of the day today. If you are in town, stop by and see us at the Village Real Estate table. 

For more information about participating next year, follow @tomato5k or visit www.tomatoartfest.com













 Mayor Karl Dean starting the race! 

Mayor Karl Dean starting race

 Beginning of the kids race!

Start of the kids 1k

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