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Last Activity 04/01/14 06:27 PM

Real Estate Q. Does anyone have any suggestions for a reputable lead generation company? Please only respond if you are using such a service and getting what you feel is an exceptional ROI. Interested in farming (long Term) and short term lead generation services.

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 04/01/14 11:59 AM

Real Estate Q. I have a buyer with a contingency for the closing of their other property out of state Their out of state property had a delay and is now closing a couple of days after our expiration of our contingency. We still have a few days padding on their purchase in Texas so I am not needing to extend that closing, but concerned about our expiration of our contingency that would automatically cancel our contract if we haven't waived the contingency. Buyer is prepared to go ahead and waive that contingency and deposit the additional earnest $, but I am trying to figure out what form to use to provide the waiver notification. Every form I am aware of to waive the contingency is used when there is back-up offer in place and buyer chooses to waive vs loosing the house after providing notification of the back-up offer by the seller. Also, if we were to ask for an extension vs waiving, what form would we use for the extension? Thanks!

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 03/28/14 07:08 AM

Real Estate Q. Has anybody Use Erealting?

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 03/26/14 08:37 AM

Real Estate Q. HELP! My broker, may go in-active soon seeking a small to mid sized firm, w/o monthly fees/overhead to sponsor my license, prefer broker with office/workspace. Experienced and in good standing with all boards.

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 03/25/14 11:23 AM

Real Estate Q. What types of ads or ad programs have delivered you the most success?

3 Answer(s)

Last Activity 03/25/14 07:41 AM

Real Estate Q. I want to use the infographic on Hidden gems. I have written my blog but a=cannot seem to get the graphic into it. I tried putting the code into the source code function, but it doesn't show up. What am I doing wrong? Thanks so much for your help!

3 Answer(s)

Last Activity 03/11/14 08:49 AM

Real Estate Q. If the buyer's agent does not send an amendment to extend the closing date, for any reason, that it's not closing on the date/per contract, and the seller wishes to terminate and signs release of earnest money to the buyer, can the seller be sued?

2 Answer(s)

Last Activity 03/10/14 06:49 PM

Real Estate Q. how do i put the AR button on my website? Like Facebook button, etc.

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 03/03/14 05:22 AM

Real Estate Q. Does anyone know how Redfin pays it's agents? And how much they typically make?

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 02/17/14 06:12 PM

Real Estate Q. What is the market like in Galveston?

2 Answer(s)

Last Activity 02/14/14 11:01 AM

Real Estate Q. I had a blog three quarters of the way done. It autosaved to draft, but now I can't find it? Please say its not gone....

4 Answer(s)

Last Activity 02/11/14 11:30 PM

Real Estate Q. Has anyone used adwerx? What is your opinion?

2 Answer(s)

Last Activity 02/08/14 11:23 AM

Real Estate Q. I have a house in Vegas, bought for $140K and now owe $119K. Recently moved to Houston, TX and buying a new house. Question is should I see the house in Vegas or rent it? Vegas market increased more than 20% in past 15months. If I sell it I can make $50-80K, but paying 2.75% interest rate on it for 15 years. Should I sell and use that money to buy some small investmetn properties in Houston or rent the property in Vegas for few years and then sell it? What are the goods and bad about managing a property in another state?

5 Answer(s)

Last Activity 02/07/14 03:50 AM

Real Estate Q. How do I get active rain started in Australia? I would like to market overseas. With the US dollar trading higher than the Australian Dollar it is a great time to invest in Australia. I am a American from Texas on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland looking at new ways to market around the world. Cheers Terri

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 02/05/14 09:19 AM

Real Estate Q. For a new home construction, is inspection recommended? Typically, how do builders react to a buyer hiring a reputable inspector for the brand new home? Are the builders required to perform the repairs recommended by such inspector?

13 Answer(s)

Last Activity 01/23/14 07:42 PM


3 Answer(s)

Last Activity 01/17/14 01:37 PM

Real Estate Q. How do you create a signature line for your blog?

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 01/17/14 06:46 AM

Real Estate Q. How does one reply to comments on a blog post? I only see options to delete or report comments; however, in reading other blogs, I have noticed other authors replying to comments, so it appears it can be done...

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 01/16/14 09:39 PM

Real Estate Q. How to get title insurance on Tax Deed Sales in Texas with expired redemption periods?

2 Answer(s)

Last Activity 01/14/14 02:51 PM

Real Estate Q. Option Check! Looking for data on required procedures in relation to sellers agent requirement in forwarding the accepted option fee check to their client, the seller. Have agency that voids the check after expiration of option period and request the option be removed from HUD or have buyer write another check. Cannot find any language that sellers agent must deliver the option check. Cannot assume common sense would prevail. How should this be resolved?

2 Answer(s)

Last Activity 12/27/13 12:02 PM

Real Estate Q. Hello! Do farming postcards attract attention to sellers? I am new to the business but found a few good direct mailing companies that have some really good deals and was wondering if postcards would get me some attention. If they do work how often do you suggest mailing them out? I have a FB page but only have 20 friends or so and none of those people are even close to buying houses so FB is not really helping me out that much.

4 Answer(s)

Last Activity 12/18/13 11:02 AM

Real Estate Q. Hello! I am about to seal the deal on a lease and was wondering if i need to turn in the lease application to my broker? i know i need to turn in the brokers agreement and of course the commission form. I live in texas.

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 12/08/13 09:33 AM

Real Estate Q. whenever you farm a specific community how many homes are we talking about here? I was told to mail out postcards to a target area, but how many homes should i send stuff out to? like a couple hundered or up to 1000 or what? I was also told to knock on my targets doors to meet with them face to face of all the people i mail stuff to so they have a face to go with a postcard. But how do i know how many houses to mail stuff to? Like what is the norm?

2 Answer(s)

Last Activity 12/07/13 08:50 AM

Real Estate Q. What is the best expired phone service? I have been using redx but have not had muh luck with the numbers provided. It seems like 70% of the numbers are I correct.

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 12/06/13 08:21 AM

Real Estate Q. i have a 1996 doublewide manufactured home,seperate from land its on, and i want to get rid of it by means of sale for walking away,just need some advice upside down on home and family and i want a house..we need space as it is so what can i do to dump this mobile home and get into a house that we need very badly,can i still apply for first time buyer this being a manufactured home or an fha loan perhaps.. what is best option do you think,besides waiting 10 more years,would like to get something moving on this, i really do appreciate your time to answer this, its been bugging me....merry chistmas to ya!!!!

1 Answer(s)

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