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Last Activity 04/15/14 09:06 AM

Real Estate Q. What to do with an overvalued home

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 04/13/14 04:21 PM

Real Estate Q. I have being an active rain blogger for a while now and really like the platform. But I am taking a hard look at all my expenses and want to justify the $50 a month. I signed up with zillow recently and am getting warm leads which is nice. With zillow I get a site that includes a blog powered by wordpress. My question is - what is the advantage of keeping active rain over blogging on zillow/wordpress? The obvious answer is SEO right? I look at my stats from my blogs on active rain. And I am getting what feels to me like significant traffic. But there is no business coming from it. So back to my question - what's the advantage of keeping active rain?

5 Answer(s)

Last Activity 03/29/14 05:27 AM

Real Estate Q. Is there a way to rename my AR blog?

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 12/22/13 01:56 PM

Real Estate Q. Has anyone used Page Engage for Facebook to attract buyers and sellers? If so, what can you say either good or bad for this service?

5 Answer(s)

Last Activity 09/16/13 09:27 PM

Real Estate Q. How do you deal with a controlling grumpy relative who thinks he's calling the shots because he cosigned the mortgage?

9 Answer(s)

Last Activity 09/16/13 04:11 PM

Real Estate Q. Why can members see my draft post?

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 09/12/13 12:06 PM

Real Estate Q. I inadvertently deleted myself from a group. When I search groups, everything comes up including members, blog posts, and other listings making it impossible to find the group. I have had the same problem searching blogs - it doesn't just search the blogs - it searches everything. How can I find what I am looking for?

2 Answer(s)

Last Activity 09/11/13 01:31 PM

Real Estate Q. home inspection condominiums

5 Answer(s)

Last Activity 08/30/13 05:10 AM

Real Estate Q. We have all heard the expression-first offer is the best offer. does anyone have any studies or stats to back that up? Also along those lines-the longer a house stays on the market the less it nets. any studies or stats on that one too? Thanks so much everyone!

7 Answer(s)

Last Activity 08/29/13 05:10 PM

Real Estate Q. What designation should you achieve first? Are designations important? Thank you

18 Answer(s)

Last Activity 08/29/13 05:07 PM

Real Estate Q. How do you get your blog out there on the internet?

14 Answer(s)

Last Activity 08/29/13 09:14 AM

Real Estate Q. I was wondering what the 'other points' are that you can receive?

20 Answer(s)

Last Activity 08/22/13 08:20 AM

Real Estate Q. Is it possible for one person to have more than one active rain blog/account? I would like to start a new blog for a new community that will be built in my market.

14 Answer(s)

Last Activity 08/14/13 04:28 PM

Real Estate Q. I've been leasing a condo unit for the past year; the owner has decided to sell, since the lease is ending very soon. Her real estate agent contacted me to inform me that they would be showing the unit. I informed him that I needed some time to get the place in order for showing, as things were in disarray due to the packing. He reassured me that they see that all the time when someone is moving and not to worry. Shortly thereafter, the owner contacted me directly and was furious that the unit "was not in any condition to be shown" due to boxes stacked around the unit. The lease does not stipulate that the unit be in a "show-able" condition, only that I allow access to the agent, which I have done. I was never informed of any issue with the state of the unit (it's clean, but cluttered with boxes). Can the owner take legal action against me, due to her choosing to delay the showing of the unit until I am out? She came into my unit (with my permission), and railed against me as to how much money she's going to lose as a result of "not being able to show the property". I have been very upset about this since the incident occurred.

5 Answer(s)

Last Activity 08/02/13 03:27 AM

Real Estate Q. Declining an offer based on a VA loan? Has anyone ever experienced THAT? I have well-qualified buyers that want to go VA on their purchase. We submitted a very good offer- less than $10K under list price -and the seller declined flat out as they didnt want to go through a VA appraisal- not because of any anticipated repair issues but because of a perception that VA appraisals are coming in low. Anyone ever experienced this? I don't see ANY validity in this but the listing agent is standing by it and is expecting us to go conventional. Has anyone seen any shred of truth or possibilty that this is true? My buyers are irritated and are walking away as they feel discriminated against.

6 Answer(s)

Last Activity 05/10/13 04:14 PM

Real Estate Q. New realtor who wants to specialize in representing investors ( investor's agent) where do I start?

2 Answer(s)

Last Activity 05/03/13 04:07 PM

Real Estate Q. Has anyone worked with Global Prestige Media & Designs?

1 Answer(s)

Last Activity 04/27/13 05:24 PM

Real Estate Q. Am a new agent who wants to work with buyers and renters. Am (attending) a open house this weekend and would like to know if there are dos and don'ts of open house for a realtor. Is it okay to approach potential buyers to represent them? Btw this is a new construction homes, which I am interested in as a target market. ( new homes)

2 Answer(s)

Last Activity 04/27/13 05:15 AM

Real Estate Q. How to attract rental clients?

1 Answer(s)

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