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Burien Luxury Rental
Daniel Bretzke, Daniel P Bretzke (Better Properties RE Seattle King )


Luxury Five bedroom newly constructed home  



 Five Bedrooms and three baths in 3,100 square feet


Expansive two floor height living room

Chef’s kitchen with stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops

Large eating nook

Formal dining room

Large back yard

Three car garage and large driveway

Large master bedroom with large soaking tub, separate shower, and two sinks.

Fenced yard nicely landscaped

Extensive Airport noise attenuation package installed


Located in North Burien near schools, parks, and shopping.

Walking distance to the expansive North Seatac Park.

Easy commute to by car or bus to downtown Seattle, Burien, Seatac or the Airport.

 12600 16th Ave S

Rental requirements:

Credit check with score over 680  fee is $65.00

Verifiable income equal to three times rental amount

Deposit of $2,500



Address is 12600 16th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98168

  For more  information please call
  Jack at 425 442 9628 or  Daniel Bretzke  at 


You may drive by to look at the outside, and showings can be scheduled for Saturday morning between 9 and 10am, or by appointment only. 


Daniel Bretzke AICP, LEED AP

206 310 2190


Be honest and be happy

Never Let A Chainsaw Artist Do A Landscaper's Job...
Lisa Bosques

My husband and I took our son swimming at my mom's condo.  We started noticing a bunch of commotion.

I went out of the swimming area to find out what was going on.

Some of the neighbors were standing around one of the many shrubs on the property, expressing shock and disgust at the way in which they were "trimmed"(and I'm using the word "trimmed" loosely).

I can totally understand their anger and frustration.  I'm fairly certain that these shrubs looked fine before they were attacked.  I can't imagine that this would be an improvement over what they looked like the day before.

It looks like some Sedro-Woolley chainsaw artists took a break from creating salmon-eating bears out of giant tree trunks to come down here and moonlight as landscapers.  Hey, if it's that easy, maybe I'll start a landscaping business.


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I am an Associate Broker and Marketing Specialist with Prudential Northwest Realty Associates.   I specialize in homes located in the Burien/North Highline/West Seattle area, and I am here to serve all of your Real Estate needs. 
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I've Been MeMe'd!!!
Lisa Bosques

Last week I received an e-mail from Marc Grossman alerting me that I have been MeMe'd! Yes, I am now 'It', as the rest of you may know by reading Marc's Post, "MeMe Times Three For YouYou". I've been so busy with things that I've been away from Active Rain for a while.  Now I'm back, and I'm trying to think of 5 things that people don't know about me.  

#1: I love reading mostly non-fiction books.  Anything related to Real Estate, politics, self-help or discovery, business, motivation, travel, biographies, cookbooks and foreign language books.  Which reminds me that...

#2: Way back when, I dreamed of being a linguist.  My goal was to get a Masters and then a PhD in Linguistics.  But then I thought to myself, "Whatever will I do with such a degree? And do I want to be in school for an entire decade?" Don't know and NO. If I had the time and the means, I would spend a year in several different countries, long enough to at least learn how to communicate a little in each language that I want to speak.  I used to be fluent in Spanish but now I am rusty.  I can understand Japanese but my speaking ability is not too developed. I've always had trouble with output; indeed, it is the last and most difficult step to learning a foreign language, especially when you're worried about making mistakes!

#3: The thing I daydream about the most, either when I'm driving, or when I'm in a boring class or meeting is...being a ROCK STAR! It's so sad because I can't sing or play an instrument, so it's something I have virtually no hope of achieving.  During my life I have set and reached all of my goals, and I can't help but think that if I would have made this a priority beforehand, that I would have been successful at this too...oh, well - I'm happy with the way my life turned out regardless!Lisa in Japan - Karate

#4. During my teenage years and twenties, I studied Martial Arts(Okinawan Karate).  While I was never much of a fighter and didn't really enjoy competing in sparring, I did quite well in Kata, which are forms, done as if fighting an invisible attacker.  During my time in Japan I finally earned my black belt. And then - I quit!  You know, love, marriage, career and a kid came along, and I stopped making time for karate; plus, up until recently I haven't been able to find a good school.  Fortunately, my son is enrolled in an excellent school(West Seattle Karate Academy) run by a most talented and patient sensei who also happens to be a published author of many important Martial Arts books. So now my 6 year-old son is teaching me all of the forms I'm ashamed to say I have forgotten.

#5.  I have an inexplicable phobia of SAND. Yep, that's right - I absolutely can't stand the beach! I'm okay with beaches here because they tend to be quite rocky, and there's plenty of driftwood to walk on to avoid sand.  When I was a kid living in California, my mom would take me to the beach and stay for HOURS.  I despised it, and as a result I took to hanging out in the parking lot.  I would take my sack lunch and go up to the nice, relatively clean parking lot and sit where my mother could see me.  Later, I would dread taking my son to a certain playground(the closest one to our shop) because the play equipment was surrounded by SAND. The thought of my little baby covered in sand really got my gag reflexes going, and you can bet I was the only parent telling my kid over and over not to touch the sand!

Now, on to choose MY victims.  Please tell us all 5 things about yourself...

1. Karen Monsour!

2. Jo Soss!

3. Thavisak "Lucky" Symphanthong!

The rules: put a link back here in the comment section to your MeMe; tag your post "meme;" & post it to the group: "MeMe".   Lucky Lang is keeping track of everyone who's been MeMe'd; apparently there's a "3 Strikes You're Out!" rule. You can see a fairly complete list here in Lucky's, Meme Tutorial and Alphabetical Index of all Memes on Active Rain!


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