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Great Investment 4-Plex
Brad Hornshaw, Realtor, Listing Agent, Buyers Agent, Investments (Brad Hornshaw Realtor Lynnwood, Bothell, Everett)

Great Investment 4-Plex


Brad Hornshaw | Centuy21 North Homes Realty, Inc. | (425) 772-8623
2916 Hoyt Ave, Everett, WA
Great Investment 4-plex
2BR/5BA Multi-Family, 4+ units
offered at $339,000
Year Built 1901
Sq Footage 2,550
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 5 full, 0 partial
Floors Unspecified
Parking 2 Covered spaces
Lot Size 3,049 sqft
HOA/Maint $0 per month


INVESTORS - DEVELOPERS 4 units plus a store front unit on Hoyt. Prime Commercial Land is zoned B-3 in Downtown Everett. Long term month-to-month tenants make the payments while your property value increases for downtown parking, high-rise or ???. Very low maintenance units are in excellent condition/repair by long time owner. Seller will consider all terms, to include DOT, 1031,trade, etc. 2 of the units are studio, 2 are 1 bdrm and 1 is a storefront on Hoyt. *2nd tax parcel ID 00439168102900

see additional photos below

- Fireplace - Stove/Oven


Great Investment 4-plex

Great Investment 4-plex

Great Investment 4-plex

Great Investment 4-plex

Great Investment 4-plex

Great Investment 4-plex

Great Investment 4-plex

Great Investment 4-plex

Great Investment 4-plex

Great Investment 4-plex

Great Investment 4-plex

Great Investment 4-plex

Great Investment 4-plex

Great Investment 4-plex
Contact info:
Brad Hornshaw
Centuy21 North Homes Realty, Inc.
(425) 772-8623
For sale by agent/broker

Equal Opportunity Housing
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Posted: Dec 26, 2011, 7:56am PST


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Clever, Collaborative Construction Gal
Phil Leng, Phil Leng Team - Residential Real Estate Experts & (Keller Williams Eastside Market Center)
Clever, Collaborative Construction Gal

Our kids from Oregon were here over Christmas week. We spent most of one day in  the Imagine Children’s Museum in Everett, Washington.

Much of the time our older granddaughter was the concierge at the restaurant. She would invite people in, help them find a seat and take their order. We agreeably went in, but the service was terrible and the food tasted like hard plastic. None of the chefs seemed to be coordinated.

So we moved on. But she stayed, interacting happily with strangers as they came in.

Later, when it was time for an afternoon snack, we all went down to the basement where there were real tables and real chairs and ate the snacks that the moms had wisely packed.

Off from the eating area in the basement is a large room called simply, Construction Studio. It was marvelous! Lots of little plastic yellow hard hats, and little orange construction aprons. But the central feature were lots and lots of foam bricks. Oh what fun!

Consistent with her personality, our granddaughter soon had several people coordinated, and helping her build a giant igloo. I whipped out my video camera to catch it being built - and its predictable demise!

The Phil Leng Team


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The Laser Diffusion Projector
Phil Leng, Phil Leng Team - Residential Real Estate Experts & (Keller Williams Eastside Market Center)
The Laser Diffusion Projector

My older grandson is fascinated by anything mechanical or digital.

Last time he was with us he discovered Google Earth and was transfixed by exploring the world. Soon he was in outer space with Google Sky and doing things and finding things that I had never discovered.

This last visit all of us spent most of a day at the Imagine Children’s Museum in Everett, Washington. Many of the places were exciting. But the place he kept going back to was this room where your image was projected on the screen. Delayed, distorted, in varying colors, with a kaleidoscope effect.

It was amazing to all of us.

And transfixing for him.

The Phil Leng Team


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Airplanes, Hydroplanes and Paleontological Plains
Phil Leng, Phil Leng Team - Residential Real Estate Experts & (Keller Williams Eastside Market Center)
Airplanes, Hydroplanes and Paleontological Plains

Our whole family was together for the week of Christmas. On Wednesday, the three families converged on the Imagine Children’s Museum in Everett Washington. It is an amazing place!

Our oldest grandson who is 7, was fascinated by many of the areas.

Here he is, playing in the mock airplane with an amazing cockpit. This is Boeing country, of course, so all the components were from real airplanes.

The next display is a water feature. Of course it is decorated like one of our numerous and amazing Washington State Ferries. They even had available splash aprons for the kids. Someone was thinking!

We went up to the roof of the building. It is a flat roof that had been completely utilized. We spent lots of time in the dinosaur area, especially with a box that made scary dinosaur sounds!

The Phil Leng Team


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(Video) Tour of Downtown Everett WA and other Local Real Estate.
Joni Kerley (CENTURY21 Real Estate Center)

Sitting on the shores of Port Garner Bay overlooking the Olympic Mountain range is a great city called Everett WA.  Everett is full of wonderful historic builidings and historic homes.  Real Estate in Everett is a little bit of Historic to New Construction a little bit for everyone.  Downtown Everett is full of many unique shops and in the center Hub of it all is the Comcast Arena which home of Everett Silvertips Hockey team and Everett's newest professional indoor Lacross team the Washington Stealth. 

One of the great features of Everett is our waterfront that along with the second largest marina on the West Coast its the home of Naval Station Everett which means homeport for the USS Abraham Lincoln, Momsen, Shoup, Ford, Davis and the Ingraham. 

I can't forget Everett is also the home of the Boeing Company that manufactures in Everett the 747,767,777, and the new Dreamliner 787.  At the Boeing plant you will find the largest building in the world by volume at 116.5 million cubic feet.  Be sure to take a tour of the Boeing plant when you are in town.

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HVCC - Please write your representative - It's a snow day so they have time to read!
Kirk Williams (Private Venture Capital )

HVCC is not just an industry issue it is a consumer issue. In previous blogs over the past year I have been critical of the Attorney General of New York - Cuomo and I speculated early on he was laying out resume material for the furtherance of his political career...I was right. No individual or state for that matter should be able to have such an incomprehensable impact on small business's(the appraisal industry) taking money -literal theft out of the appraiser and dictating to them how they do their business. Remarkable.

I hope the National Association of Realtors (membership) and the consumer start googling to find out who represents them and drop a note as to why this should be stopped. Share your story....

The link below is a parity however it is factually correct.

I wish us all well.

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IF you care about your business SEND this to YOUR representative in CONGRESS!
Kirk Williams (Private Venture Capital )

I have forwarded this poem by an unknown author however it is circulating around the industry. It is an eloquent statement of fact surrounding the mess HUD and our government continues to make of our industry.


T'was the week before New Years
When all through the lands,
LO's and Closers were wringing their hands.
RESPA Changes are coming,
They all started to worry,
We'd better get trained, and trained in a hurry!

We all kept on hoping
There would be a delay.
But HUD said, "No Way," it's all here to stay.
"We love our new HUD
And our new GFE,
Don't fret, don't worry, it's as simple as can be."

We all shook our heads,
Threw our hands to the sky.
What were you smoking? You must have been high!
You took a one page doc
And changed it to three.
Easier? More simple? How can that be?

The Regs don't match up,
So now what do we do?
HUD says, "No comment, It's all up to you."
No info on TILA,
We are totally screwed, why can't they see??

In a time when some borrowers
Think lenders are scary,
You've given 3 pages to make them more wary.
This doesn't make sense,
No, not one little bit.

We are all trying hard to not throw a big fit.
So we all do our best
To put borrowers at ease.
But make more reform, please, please, please!

Please bring someone in
Who knows what to do.
What is best for both borrowers AND lenders too.

We are all still waiting,
Though not holding our breath
And hoping the government doesn't "Reg" us to death.

So on this week before New Years,
I'd like to wish you
Good luck with RESPA, I need it too!

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