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Wordless Wednesday: Two to beam up...
Rene Fabre, New Media Marketing (First American Title)

Two to beam up... Westfield Southcenter.

Two to beam up... Westfield Southcenter.

René Fabre

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Seafood City Seattle
Teddy Lim (Warring Properties)

Seafood City Seattle – Home is where the Heart is and nothingSeafood City Seattle Main ties it all together for immigrant Filipino-Americans to rekindle the feeling of being at home like authentic Filipino cooking!

Seafood City Seattle GrillDetails of what stores and restaurants have opened in this piece you will not find because that information is readily available at their website www.SeaFoodCity.com. Instead today’s focus will be on the deeper emotional needs that Seafood City in Seattle fulfills for the immigrant Filipino. 

From the cradle to the grave the “Love of Food” is deeplySeafood City Seattle Cosmetics entrenched in every meaningful event in the life of Filipinos. That is why when The Westfield Southcenter Mall announced it would be vouching for Seafood City to open its 20th location in Seattle, Filipino-American residents cannot help but be overjoyed & filled with nostalgia.

Seafood City Seattle Fish IsleSeafood City Seattle, aims to be likened to the Target Inc. of Asian Supermarkets  where “a home away from home” is available for Filipinos in various cities around the United States.

By providing a sense of the familiar it all brings back a sense ofSeafood City Seattle Fresh Fish the simpler times. A time when for most Filipinos who grew up in the Philippines had much less to worry about & the pace of life was a lot less-hectic. 

Seafood City Seattle Halo Ice CreamMemories of a time when a short trip to the market meant having the excitement & anticipation of preparing meals & playing host to your dearest friends & family members equate to life’s simple pleasures.

But perhaps even more than the great food & familiar Filipino-manufactured products, what makes Seafood City in Seattle soSeafood City Seattle Junk Food special is that it succeeds in bringing a Unique Experience. Not only do Filipinos get to shop & dine at their favorite restaurants but they also get to interact with other fellow Filipinos who they wouldn’t have been able to were it done at another time or setting in Seattle.

Filipinos love nostalgia & they seem to relish in it when Seafood City Seattle Line Stretchre-establishing ties amongst friends to cherish fellowship & strengthen camaraderie. With the opening of Seafood City in Seattle, a stronger sense of home has never more come to life because food has always been akin to time spent around the dinner table with Family. A nerve that after deep consideration Seafood City’s Marketing Officials have been able to successfully tap into.Seafood City Seattle Mob

While observing the Supermarket’s layout it’s obvious that approximately two-thirds of Seafood City’s products are targeted to traditional consumers versus mainstream shoppers.

According to Andrew Ciarrocchi, senior general manager at Westfield Southcenter, “Those looking for hard-to-find Asian Seafood City Seattle Movie Isleingredients and fresh to-market seafood are not going to be disappointed,” he adds “When you factor in the great produce, bakery and new dining options — the offerings of Seafood City are a great compliment to the diverse retail mix at Westfield Southcenter.

The incredible popularity of Seafood City has also added to the Westfield Southcenter consumer base because of the Filipino diaspora & population density in the area.” Seafood City Seattle Sea Food

And so while Seafood City Marketplace is expected to be a one-stop shop and dining establishment it also upholds and delivers in spades, its promise, “At home ako sa iyo” — which means, “With you (Seafood City), I’m at home.”Seafood City Seattle DVDs & Movies

And although it's been said many times & in many ways that “It’s hard to be Filipino-American because You gotta be more Filipino than the Filipino & Seafood City Seattle San Miguel Beermore American than the American!” having SeaFood City in Seattle makes being home away from home, dare I say, quite a bit more palatable.

Seafood City is located on the north east side ofSeafood City Seattle Chowking Westfield Southcenter at 1368 Southcenter Mall #100, Tukwila. For more information, visit www.SeaFoodCity.com.


Teddy Lim is a member of the ActiveRain Real Estate Network & is also a Filipino Real Estate Broker & Entrepreneur who resides in Seattle. You can find out more about his full-service options by clicking here.


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