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Who do you typically turn to first when considering the purchase of a new piece of technology for your real estate business? If you're like a lot of agents, you'll pick the brains of other agents to find out what works and what's not worth your money.

But the choices – there are so many of them! When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, grab a cup of coffee and dig into the following pages. Let your colleagues walk you through those choices and help you decide on how and where to spend your money.

Feel free to check back daily because we add hundreds of new posts every day. This is the place to find everything an agent needs to know about tech and tools to help you run a lean, mean real estate machine.

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By Kristi Knutson, Blog Trainer ☂
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I've had a lot of people ask about the Blogging Blueprint HTML formats, where to find them, and how to use them, so I've written this blog as an easy reference to pull the code from!   Using them is so simple! Just follow these steps: Simply click in the box Scroll down to highlight it all, or si...
By Keller Williams Realty Empire, Brooklyn, NY
(Keller Williams Realty Empire - Brooklyn, NY)
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Good Afternoon Folks!    Wondering how to download YouTube Videos?    Here is how you can download YouTube videos using this "ss" trick:   Step 1. You can simply do this by adding ‘SS’ to the URL of the video.   Step 2. Then press enter.  example:
By Lori Ballen, Digital Marketing Strategist
(The Ballen Group Real Estate Network, The Ballen Method)
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So you want to build a great real estate website? That’s fantastic. Use the following steps to create a user friendly, consumer centric website that will generate strong user engagement and therefore LEADS! Original Posting Beware of...
By Dee Toohey, Broker, ABR, AHWD, CIPS, FMS, ePro
(Innovative Realty Solutions Group)
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This is follow up info to a prior blog on Drones.  I am gettng lots of advertisments from vendors offering photography by drones and I respond by asking if they are licensed to fly a drone and am told they done need a drone for a hobby.  My next response is, "Great, do it."  Then they talke money...
By Diana Dahlberg, Real Estate in Kenosha, WI since 1994 262-308-3563
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  In this day and age, Social Media is here to stay and it is of the utmost importance that tech savvy Realtors embrace this technology.  Social Media is no longer for the “young” but for all of us, the young and old or should I re-phrase that to the young-at-heart.  It’s the new form of communi...
  Evernote is one of the most popular apps for storing data and improving productivity. But lots of people don’t know some of its best features. One that I use frequently is Evernote Web Clipper. I added this function from Evernote to my browser.  Now when I see something on a website or a porti...
By Russ Ravary ~ Metro Detroit Realtor call (248) 310-6239, Michigan homes for sale ~
(Keller Williams Commerce)
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Ben Kinney is always great to listen too.  He has a large team and real estate business in  Washington and is constantly on top of what is new in internet and social media marketing.  He is always worth listening to when you are doing busy work. In fact if you are eating turn on a you tube video ...
By James Lowenstern, Castles Unlimited. Newton MA Real Estate
(Castles Unlimited®)
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Ben Kinney tells Jim and Diana his philosophy about technology's place in Real Estate practices today. What do you think? How do you use social media in your practices? Join the discussion in the comments! You can also listen to segments from previous shows here:
By Randy Mitchelson, Internet Marketing Expert, Author, Activist
( and Homeland Heroes Home Loans)
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Just because you are not Anthem, Target, Home Depot or some other large company does not mean that your small business website isn't a target for hackers. To the contrary, hacking is a popular form of mischief these days - like toilet papering a tree in your yard - people do it just becuase they ...
By Eric Galuppo
(Real Estate Rev - More Leads Means More Revenue)
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Watch this short video to discover why many websites may be losing up to 30% of the opportunities to get leads from their website. Plus you'll hear about a great resource you can use to make sure that it is not happening with your website. It also covers another free tool that I feel every websit...
By Eric Kodner, CRS, Madeline Island Realty, LaPointe, WI 54850 -
(Madeline Island Realty)
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Not All My Clients Are Tech Savvy   I don't expect all my clients to be technology wizards.  Some of them are far from it.   From time to time, we encounter a client who doesn't own a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet computer, who lacks the ability to send text messages or email. These clients ma...
By Michael Thornton, Home Inspector - Nashville, TN area - 615.661.0297
(Complete Home Inspections, Inc.)
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     In our businesses, we are constantly selling and giving presentations. In fact, every time we encounter or engage with someone, we are selling whether we realize it or not. We are also communicating both verbally and non-verbally. How we communicate can make a huge difference as to whether w...
By Kerry L Klun, 321-626-5868
(Palm Realty)
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20+ years ago when I got into the real estate business FAX machines were a critical part of the normal real estate business machine inventory. But as I said, that was over 20 years ago! When I started in real estate we still used MLS books and very few people actually had cell phones. It used to ...
By Kathy Goldman, Social Media & Marketing for Real Estate
(REVA Online | SEO Boost For Real Estate)
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Let's LINK - Physically on ActiveRain. That may have sounded a bit forward considering I hardly know you! But I wanted to remind you all about the benefits of linking in your replies and comments here on Active Rain. Links are invaluable to gaining SEO and therefore getting found online. ActiveRa...
By Stephen Fells
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The following twenty second video (yep, 20 seconds) from the Facebook YouTube channel explains how you can send money via Messenger. Can it really be this easy?  
By Home Value Leads
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Every day, we are asked “Does Home Value Leads really work? What can I do to make it successful?” Of course, we are going to say the system works. 1) Because we are biased, and 2) Because it really does WORK. So rather than you hearing it from us, we introduced the Agent Spotlight where we highli...
By Jimmy Chickey, Realtor, Nationally Recognized Author, Teacher
(Keller Williams Realty Southwest, Partner in the Jamie Cox Group)
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Technology has always been exciting for me and I get pumped up when something new comes along. However, in rare instances, some things just don't make sense to me. One such example of this is (or was) the QR code.  I admit it - I don't get it and never did.  It has been out since 1999 and I can't...
By Bob Stewart, Houseline - Real Estate On Demand
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We've been doing some form of internet marketing in the real estate space for well over a decade. Our first forays into real estate internet marketing were for our own brokerage, where we did quite well. We were able to generate tens of thousands of leads in the early and mid 2000's. But I'll be ...
By Larry Story, Total Care Realty, LLC, Greensboro, NC Real Estate
(Total Care Realty)
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Open Letter to Firms Updating Their Processes       At total carerealty we pride ourselves on constantly pushing the envelope on new technology and new ideas to better serve our clients.  One important lesson in this constantly changing marketplace is that training is paramount.  Before pushing a...
By Jesse Castro
(JK Realty)
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Here is a question I would like to answer. It seems to have an element of both. Let me explain. It is Awesome because I have an in-depth knowledge of thing like SEO (Search engine optimization). Did you know google prefers you use HTTPS instead of HTTP because it is more secure for the user? Real...